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Ready, Wheeling and Able

1st Place - love the wheel design!

Our heads were spinning by the end of term 3 and so were the wheels in Year 7 Science! The boys have been working on their Mousetrap Racers for the past 6 weeks and it resulted in the boys competing for the title of Distance Champion.

Term 3 saw the Year 7 science classes learning about forces. All the boys were required to race a vehicle that can only be powered by the spring of a mousetrap with 80mm wheels on the drive axel. There were some excellent designs. As an introduction to the unit, the boys went to see the V8 cars race at Willowbank to view forces in action. To follow up the concepts of contact and non-contact forces, the boys were required to design an investigation task where they needed to design, build and test mousetrap race cars. The inaugural Mousetrap Racer Championship was held which saw the winning racer reach a distance of 15 metres. Results are below.

Dom and Alex's unique 2nd place design.

1st place – Ethan Mc Gann 7W – 15.0mt
2nd place – Dom Thygesen 7B and Alex Larcom – 13.3mt
3nd place – Ethan Tones, Daniel Huang, Max O’Hagan 7L – 12.8mt
4th place – Liam Barrie and Tom Willsford 7W – 11.75mt

3rd place winners and their fast car.

Congratulations to our budding engineers.

Some fancy wheels on 4th place racer!

Mr Adrian Cullen, Science Teacher