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Readers' Cup 2016

Winners of the ATC competition, Ben, Tom, Harry, Oscar and Dan

Each year at ATC we invite boys to compete in the Readers Cup competition. Readers Cup is organised by the Queensland branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. It is a state wide competition for young readers.This competition challenges students to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading. It allows readers to compete at a regional and state level similar to sporting competitions and to meet other students with an equal passion for books.

Yesterday 16 Year Six boys competed in an ATC Reader’s Cup competition. The teams of boys had to read two novels and then answer questions about the novels.

The boys involved were Reuben Waugh, Xavier Cuolahan, Joshua Sullivan, Oliver Dussin, Ben Nugent, Tom Nugent, Harry Walsh, Oscar Lukin, Daniel Blatto, Tom Musgrave, Oliver Bradshaw, Will Sharkey, Noah Keenan, Noah Russell, Haydn Roberts and Zac Williams.

The boys were all very prepared and tackled the competition with enthusiasm and a good knowledge of the chosen books. Congratulations to Ben, Tom, Harry, Oscar and Dan (pictured above) for taking out the competition. A special thank you to Ben Stark for being involved in the competition and helping out during the event. The two top teams will now go on to represent ATC at the Inter-school Reader’s Cup competition on Monday 13th June. They will now need to read 5 new books for this next round. Good luck boys.

Mrs Rachelle Garton, Teacher Librarian