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It's Raining Hope and Positivity

As I reflect on the Co-curricular year that has been 2017, I can’t help but think of rain. Without doubt, it has been the wettest year in my time at the College. We have had to cancel or postpone or cut short Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Jazz by the River and the Spring Music Concert! Countless games of cricket and training sessions have had to be called off, with rain clouds being a regular visitor to Brisbane.

I’m not a negative person in any way. I love it when it rains and the growth that it brings (particularly to our ovals) yet I always lament the lost opportunities for our boys. The rain cancellations this year have been significant for me because it has not dampened (awful pun) the spirits of those involved in the Co-curricular program at ATC. We still had a fantastic Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics season and the excitement around Cricket and the competitive school season in 2018 Term 1 is fever pitch! Likewise, Music has gone from strength to strength and despite an early finish, the Jazz by the River was one of the most memorable community events I have ever been a part of at the College.

So how do we persevere through the odd storm that is thrown our way? We could get bogged down in the few non-weather related low points in the year, be fair weather friends and concede defeat in the face of adversity, or not. The answer is simple. We persevere because of our people. At ATC we are blessed by a community that is hope-filled by nature.

Our Co-curricular team in particular, are a great example of positivity in our students lives. When you sit and talk to people like Paul Jones or Darren Skaar, Brijette Tubb or Fiona Kearney, Jason Goopy, Lisa Mortlock, Michael Bannon or Nat Scalia, the consistent theme is a desire to see our boys be their best, to overcome barriers – both real and perceived – and to realise their own personal excellence. An attitude of positivity, a commitment to hope and the future and a steadfast objectivity to succeed, is the example that is set by our Co-curricular team.

I am thankful both for the rain this year as well as the opportunity to work with a group of people who are bound by positivity and hopefulness. Maybe just a little less rain though as I am trying to finish our house renos! Thanks to all involved in the ATC Co-curricular program in 2017, with 2018 Term 1 Sports Sign on in its final day and another year of strong retention in the Music program, 2018 promises to be a great one for Sport, Music and Clubs at ATC.

Dave Capra, Director of Co-curricular Activities.