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Supporting and Celebrating the Big and Small Things

It was great to recognise our achievers across all year levels at last week’s Celebration of Excellence. Mr Peter Chapman, Director of Support for the Northern Region of Edmund Rice Education Australia joined us as our special guest and was delighted to meet our boys and see our continued growth. We look forward to sharing the online video package of this celebration tomorrow so that families can watch and share the link with extended family members to see your special young man receiving his award.

Real Men Wear Pink Day

I experienced my first ‘Pink’ day at ATC last week and it was great to see the enthusiasm of both students and staff. The spirit of ATC really shone through on this day which was lovely. The issue of women’s health is a vital one and as a school for boys, it is terrific to engage students of all ages in raising awareness and funds in support of research. I am pleased that we have a culture where the boys feel confident to participate wholeheartedly in this day. Thank you to everyone for your support as this issue can impact on any of our families and is a sign of solidarity and hope for those that have been impacted.

Book Week

We bounce out of Pink Day and into Book Week! Thank you to all staff who are involved in the promotion of this event and engagement with the boys. Our two beautiful library spaces are the centrepieces for this initiative which is so important in the promotion of a love of reading and literacy for young men. Finding something that your son loves to read is so important for his language and critical thinking development as well as his creativity, imagination and curiosity. I look forward to joining the Junior School for some ‘Wild and Curious’ book week activities tomorrow – I hope I make it out alive!

Year 12 News

All of Year 12 sat their first external exam this morning for English subjects. We gathered as a cohort for breakfast with staff who have worked with them across subjects to mark this historic occasion and to wish everyone well for today and the exams that lie ahead. The group deserve to do well and we wish them the very best and thank their teachers, parents and caregivers for their support over the coming weeks. After the English exam this morning, most boys felt confident which was a great start to the program.

World Teacher’s Day

Friday 30 October is World Teacher’s Day. It is an annual opportunity to recognise and celebrate the talents, generosity and professionalism of teachers throughout the globe and at ATC. In a special way this year, teachers in classrooms everywhere have been called upon to be true educators who help students to feel known and cared for. It is a privilege to be a teacher and it certainly isn’t a job for the faint hearted! Teachers, including me, are not perfect and we make mistakes and can sometimes disappoint, but we have all been blessed by special people throughout our educational journey that we always recall with a smile and with gratitude – I trust there is at least one of these wonderful people for your son at ATC. On Friday, we have a chance to say a special thank you and that always goes a long way. Thank you to our teachers at ATC.

Staff News

We pray for Mrs Annabel Wolf who has had an operation today to remove a benign tumour from behind her eyes. We pray for a good outcome from this procedure and that her recovery is swift. We look forward to having Mrs Wolf back with us next year. Lord, watch over Annabel and bless her with your spirit that she might heal quickly from her surgery. Amen.

This week we have farewelled Mr Jay Shaughnessy from our Property Team. Mr Shaughnessy has commenced a plumbing apprenticeship which is great for him and we wish him all the best. We have also farewelled Mr Elliot Jackson who has led our sport program throughout most of this year, especially during pandemic management. Mr Jackson will be missed in this vital area of our growing College and we wish him well for his return to the NRL in his strength and conditioning role. We completed our interviews for this key role today and I am hopeful of a great outcome for our community.

God bless.

Chris Ryan