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Preparing To Lead

In preparing Year 7 boys for their role as Middle School students and servant leaders, a Retreat Day will be held on Thursday 21 April. The purpose of the Retreat is to provide an opportunity for the boys to reflect on the young man that they presently are, and the person that they would like to become. There will be three key components to the retreat: What does it mean to be a man of action, how do our present decisions shape our future opportunities and Team building and communication.


When: Thursday 21 April 2016
Where: ATC & Darra-Jindalee Parish Church
What to Bring: Donation Ticket* (see below), Hat, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, Pen, M/Tea and lunch
What to Wear: PE Uniform

The Retreat will be facilitated by the Assistant Dean of Formation, Head of Year 7, and Year 7 Class Teachers. There will also be a variety of other presenters throughout the retreat. The boys will commence the day with home room before gathering in the Chapel to discuss the day’s theme and its relevance to their lives. Boys will catch a bus to the Darra-Jindalee Parish at 10:00am and return for dismissal from school at 2:50pm. Boys are asked to bring their own morning tea, lunch and drinks.

Guest Speakers

The first speaker on the day will be Mr Robbie Curtis from Blind Eye Ministries in West End. Robbie is a past student of a fellow EREA school and now facilitates a ‘drop in’ centre in the West End for homeless people who otherwise spend their days living on the street. His story is one inspired by the message of Jesus and Pope Francis; to be advocates for the under privileged and marginalized in our society. Blind Eye Ministries seek donations to help care, and provide a safe place, for their visitors. We are asking all Year 7 boys to bring a ‘Donation Ticket’ which we can present to Robbie following his presentation.

Donation Ticket

Could boys please provide the following for their ‘Donation Ticket’ to Blind Eye Ministries.

7B – Tins of Milo; 7C – Tins of Coffee; 7L – Long life milk; 7N – Aerosol deodorant cans; 7T – Shower Gel; 7W – Socks

The centre would also dearly appreciate any new sleeping bags, pillows or hoodies that families would be able to donate, especially given the upcoming season.

If you have any questions about the Year 7 Retreat please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Matthew Warr, Assistant Dean of Formation