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Preparing For the Year Ahead

I am always excited by New Year. It signifies what is best about our world, as people gather together to draw to a close the year that was, and become hope-filled for what can be. Amidst the champagne and revelry and fireworks, is the anticipation that our future holds something of value for us.

Promise is a wonderful thing but hoping isn’t enough. New Years is a traditional time for making resolutions, but how many of us follow them through beyond February? One has to do more than hope in order to make something happen. This is true in life, as it is in learning. What makes for a successful year ahead?

Organisation and preparation are key. This relates not only to acquisition of essential items on the booklist. It’s about thinking intentionally about what one wishes to achieve and planning to follow through on those intentions. Being successful requires commitment and dedication. It requires goal setting and strategizing. It requires honest checking in, to see how we are progressing towards the goal. It may even require partnering with other critical friends or reconceptualising the plan if it isn’t working. Fundamentally though, one has to begin with a dream to guide the action and the planning.

In these first few weeks as boys settle back into the routines of College life, they will be asked to think about where they are at with their learning, and where they want to be. They will be asked to set goals (having considered last year’s feedback). They will be asked to establish strategies through which those goals can be achieved. I invite all parents to journey with their son’s, partnering with teachers, to hold them accountable to the goals they set for themselves. With good dreaming and planning and working, the year ahead is sure to be bright.

Kath Little, Dean of Learning