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Practicing Skills and Drills Reaps Rewards

Welcome back to Term 4. I trust you had a relaxing and restful family time away from the busy school routine. Term 4, as always, is a short but focused term. Our aim this term is to consolidate the year’s learning.

Term 3 Results

Upon reviewing the Term 3 results across the College, many students have made considerable improvement in their results and there will be an opportunity to formally recognise these students during the term. It is interesting to note that the common factor in student improvement is always the commitment and focus from the student. Conversations with these students reveal the willingness of a student to change his study habits with the determination to make some academic improvement. It is most encouraging to witness the satisfaction and pride of students who have invested in effort and commitment that results in positive outcomes. A small increment in results is often the catalyst for further improvement as this often builds confidence.


The 2018 NAPLAN results have now been returned to schools and students. These numeracy and literacy results are used by the school to enhance the teaching and learning of all subjects. Where a student’s natural ability is greater than his results, it indicates a focus on study strategies needs to be employed to maximise student outcomes. While NAPLAN testing only spans across three days in alternate years from Year 5 to Year 9, these results continue to be accurate and reliable indicators of a student’s natural aptitude right through to Year 12 exit. Mentoring of students will continue throughout Term 4 to encourage all boys to aim to be the best they can be and comparison between school results and NAPLAN results are a helpful prt of this mentoring discussion.

The results shown in the graphs below outline the comparison of our Year 7 students in 2016 with the same students as our Year 9 students this 2018.

It is most encouraging to witness the growth across areas of Writing, Grammar and Punctuation as well as the growth in numeracy skills.

Term 4

Our focus now turns to Term 4. We encourage the boys to use the generous resources that are made available at Ambrose Treacy College. Boys are encouraged to attend tutoring offered outside of school hours. Reflective learning is a most powerful tool. Asking your son to analyse his outcomes can allow him to identify areas for improvement. Such things as ensuring that a student revises his work consistently is one of the most effective skills. In an analogy with sport, the repetitive practice of skills and drills are essential to success.

Forming good study habits is part of lifelong learning and our boys need to continually strive to refine their study habits. Just as an elite athlete could quote the number of kilometres run or swum, so too should our students be able to track and log their hours of study.

The journey through school from primary to secondary represents the foundations and building blocks of one’s learning tower.

Consolidation of skills and study habits in the early years will be paramount in the outcomes in future years. As our current Year 11’s complete their final term leading into their senior year, we particularly encourage them to invest their time and commitment into their future.

While there are no formal Parent-Teacher interviews throughout this term, parents are welcome to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Greg Quinn
Assistant Dean of Learning