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Parenting, Protecting and Preparing our Children

I trust that all the fathers and caregivers in our community had a lovely day together yesterday. As a father of three young adult women myself, I am spoilt stupid every day and most grateful for the gift they are in my life. I hope yesterday was a time of gratitude, appreciation, and enjoyment for all. I apologise that we were unable to host a large Father’s Day event onsite this year but very much look forward to returning to this tradition in 2022.

Mr Rerden, Mr Ribeiro and Mr Brown with their little ones.

Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition are founded on the gift of parenthood that Edmund enjoyed in being a parent to his daughter, Mary. The relational culture we strive to build on amongst parents, students and staff is very much a result of how Mary influenced Edmund as a person, teacher and leader and we celebrate Father’s and Caregiver’s Day in a special way.

National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week is all about the ways that we can all work together to build communities that support children and families. Throughout this week, across various forums such as assemblies and formation lessons, key staff are highlighting National Child Protection Week and the importance of safety and well-being. All adults can play a part by ‘tuning in’ to children in everyday situations about small worries; then they are much more likely to feel comfortable telling us if something big is wrong.

Talking with children about safety:

• Support children to identify trusted adults (both within the family and outside) they can talk to, if they are worried, upset, or don’t feel safe. Make sure these adults know they are on your child’s list.
• Remind children that they can talk to you or a trusted adult about anything, no matter how big or small their worry might be.
• Talk to children about how they know when they feel safe or unsafe. Help them to listen to their early warning signs (how their body feels), and to trust their feelings and instincts.
• Use everyday activities as opportunities for conversations (e.g., preparing meals and snacks, going for walks, playing, shopping). If children are used to having lots of communication, it can make it easier to talk when big or tricky issues come up.
• Be open to talking about all kinds of feelings, including anger, joy, frustration, fear, and anxiety. This helps children to develop a ‘feelings vocabulary’.

A reminder that our policies and procedures may be found on our College website.

Vocational Education and Training Recognition Assembly

Year 12 Construction students building seating at Jack Bowers Oval

Tomorrow, the College recognises and celebrates the achievements of our Year 12 students who are completing VET courses at certificate and/or diploma levels later this year. In our first three years of Year 12 students, we have had over 50% of our students complete at least one course whether they are achieving an ATAR or a VET pathway. We are very proud of our students who access traineeships and apprenticeships and value the enriched pathways these students have because of our school-based programs. I take this opportunity to warmly congratulate all these students, their parents and caregivers and their dedicated teachers who have supported them in this journey.


Year 12s preparing for their Mock Exams

Best wishes to students from Years 4 to 12 as they complete assessment and exams over the final fortnight of the term. Learning the new Senior School system is important for everyone in the community. Our Year 12 students will complete ‘mock exams’ which simulate their final external exams which are held in October and November. These are vital exams this fortnight for our Year 12 students as they prepare for the real thing. The mock exams provide students with the opportunity to assess their strengths and growth areas through feedback provided by the data and their teachers who are working with them in preparation. Best wishes to all.


I ask the community to please keep Richard Bradford (School Officer), Patrick Bradford (Year 7 Bodkin) and his family in your thoughts and prayers following the recent passing of Richard’s Father-in-Law and Patrick’s Grandfather. We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of his passing. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace. Amen.

God bless.

Chris Ryan

You can read Dr Conor Finn’s Child Protection Week blog here.