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Parent Platforms

The College has three online Parent Platforms – SEQTA Engage, Parent Lounge and Flexischools. In addition, the College App is used as the main channel of communication between the school and parents. You can access all Parent Platforms via the College App.

Parent Lounge

The Parent Lounge is a portal that will provide you with access to book Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings, allow parents and caregivers to share their contact details in the Parent Directory and to pay for tours, excursions and co-curricular activities. Parents can also update their son’s medical details via Parent Lounge.

Logging into Parent Lounge

Go to the College App and click on the Parent Lounge tile on the bottom left corner. After the first time you log in, you won’t have to use your login details again. You will be conveniently logged next time you tap on the Parent Lounge tile.

Username: Parent Code (student number minus the last digit) This can be found on your son’s Student ID card.
Password: You will be sent a a random unique password that you will you will be able to change once you have logged in for the first time. If you have forgotten your password, please select Forgot Password. After the first time you log in, you won’t have to use your login details again. You will automatically login from the App.

SEQTA Engage

The parent platform SEQTA Engage will provide you with access to:

• Calendar – parents will see a version of the College calendar with key dates/event/information.
• Assessments – your son’s assessments in each subject plus upcoming assessments will be highlighted.
• Courses – course outline swill be available for your son’s subjects.
• Dashboard – your son’s homework, Timetable and pastoral notes are displayed under this tab.
• Documents – important information for parents including Assessment Planners, Booklists, Policies, Tuckshop, School Locker and more
• Portals – under this tab you will be able to see your son’s student splashpage, plus various parent resources.
• Reports – your son’s reports will be able to be accessed online.
• Settings – you can change your password here.
• Timetable – your son’s timetable is also displayed here.

Logging into SEQTA Engage

Go to the College App and click on the SEQTA Engage tile.

As SEQTA engage is a web-based application, you will need to access the platform from your web browser via SEQTA Engage located on the ATC website via your smart device or desktop computer.

1. Open your preferred web browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox) and go to the ATC website. Select SEQTA Engage at the top of the ATC website, and the login screen will appear.
2. You will be asked for a username. Your username is your registered email address with the College.
3. To retrieve or set a new password please select ‘Forgot your password?’

The following screen will appear and you will need to enter your email address registered with the College in both ‘User name’ and ‘Email address’. Press ‘Reset my password’.

An email will now be sent to your email address with a link to reset your password. The link expires in one hour.
The following screen will appear for you to enter your preferred personal password. Once entered, press ‘Reset my password and login.’

Once logged in, under the ‘Documents’ tab you will find 2020 SEQTA engage Parent User Guide to assist you in navigation.

Where to Find Parent Platforms

On the College App

Open the ATC App on your mobile device. The Parent Lounge tile is located on the bottom left corner of the screen. Find the SEQTA engage tile on the bottom middle of your screen. Find the Flexischools link via the Parents Links tile on the bottom right of your screen.

On the College Website

Both SEQTA Engage and Parent Lounge can be accessed from the College website via the links at the top of the page:


The College offers Flexischools a convenient online payment platform for tuckshop orders, student ID card replacement, IT repairs, replacement HP chargers, replacement HP stylus’, photocopying, bus tickets (BBL only), padlocks for lockers and College badges.

Registering for a Flexischools account

Flexischools can be accessed either online at or via the Parent Links tile on the College App.

To register a student on Flexischools follow these steps:

  • Download the Flexischools App from the App Store or from Google Play and click “Like to register?” or click on the “Register Now” button below.
  • If not using the Flexischools App go to the Flexischools website at and click on “Register”.
  • Submit your email address to create an account.
  • Go to your Inbox and open the registration email from Flexischools (check your spam or junk folder if you do not receive the email).
  • Click on the link provided to set up your account.
  • Follow the registration process, creating a password, completing your personal details and accepting the terms and conditions of use.
  • Once your account is set up, log into the Flexischools App or online click on “Log in”.
  • You will be prompted to set up your students. Click “Add a student”. Select the school name (Ambrose Treacy College). Select year level. Select the relevant class. Enter the student’s name. In the “Other” section add the student card number. If required, set a daily spend limit amount (this will limit the amount of money that can be spent on over the counter purchases at the tuckshop). Press “save”.
  • If you have more than one student to set up, repeat the previous step.
  • If you have a student who is mature enough to place their own orders on their own device, you can provide them with their own login. When adding a student in the Flexischools App, select “Give student their own login”, enter the student’s email address and set a daily spend limit. They will be sent a registration email. Your student will then be able to order online from your account balance up to their daily spend limit (if you have provided one). As they will not have access to top up your account, it is suggested automatic top ups are configured on your account to ensure funds are always available.

To add a student to an existing account

  • On the Flexischools App – select the Profile (person) icon on the grey navigation bar, select “Student” and “Add a student”, search for Ambrose Treacy College, select their year level and class, enter their details and select the green “Save” button.
  • On a Mobile Device (not using Flexischools App) – search for Ambrose Treacy College, enter their details and select their year level and student class and select the green “Save” button.
  • On the Flexischools Website (Desktop Site) – select “Log in”, click “Add student”, search for Ambrose Treacy College, enter their details and select their year level and student class.

Linking a student card

  • To enable over the counter purchases (eg for breakfast any day or snacks and drinks at break time) a student card number must be entered in Flexischools. If a student has not yet received their student card you can skip this step and come back to it later. The student will still be able to pre-order lunch but will not be able to purchase across the counter until a student card number is recorded in Flexischools.
  • On the Flexischools App – select the Profile (person) icon on the grey navigation bar, select “Students”, select the arrow next to the relevant student to expand the details, click on the edit pencil next to Settings, enter the student card number and select the green “Save” button.
  • On a Mobile Device (not using Flexischools App) – select “Additional Settings” under the relevant student and select “Setup Student Card Number”.
  • On the Flexischools Website (Desktop Site) – select “Log in” and select “Setup card” under the relevant student.

Placing funds on your account

  • You can top up your account using credit card, debit card, PayPal or online banking (electronic funds transfer).
  • Select the Profile (person) icon on the grey navigation bar, select the green “Top Up” button, select your payment method and follow the prompts.

To order

  • On the Flexischools App – select the Home icon on the grey navigation bar. Scroll down to the Food tab and then swipe left to see the morning tea and lunch menu on separate tiles. If you have students at both Paddy’s Place and the Bakehouse you will see a tile for each break and each tuckshop. Orders need to be placed by 8.30am each morning.
  • If a student number has been entered, the student will be able to purchase across the counter at either Paddy’s Place or the Bakehouse, so long as there are sufficient funds on the account.
  • To limit the amount your son can spend each day by purchasing across the counter, set a daily spend limit when setting up your account (see above). If the student is already set up, click on the Profile (person) icon, then click on “Students”. Click on the relevant person and then click on the pencil icon. Scroll down to “Other”. Ensure a student card number is entered and in the “Daily spend limit” type the amount the student is allowed to spend each day to buy items over the counter (eg $2, $10 or any amount).
  • Breakfast is only available to buy across the counter. If your son will be buying breakfast he will need sufficient daily funds to do this.

Further help can be found on the Flexischools App or on the website by clicking here.

Information about the ATC tuckshops (including the current menu and information for volunteers) can be accessed online by clicking here.

Still Having Problems?

If you are still experiencing problems with logging in to any of our parent platforms, please click here to contact the IT Service Desk.