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Out There Supporting Each Other

We have been very pleased with the transition back to on site teaching and learning. It feels extraordinary that it has only been a week. The boys have generally settled back into usual routine and process well. Thank you for your terrific support of your sons and the College.

We have enjoyed an average of 97% attendance this past week which is higher than state averages. I would expect a degree of transition process to continue to take some time for students, staff and parents but last week was a strong start. One strategy to provide some extended continuity has been to lengthen the term by three days post assessment so that all year levels have the opportunity to do some revision, consolidation or begin new work depending on what is best for the year level and subject. I also confirm that Parent Teacher Feedback meetings for Semester One will take place on Monday 20 July as per the College Calendar from 10am to 8pm. These will take place via the TEAMs application online. The process for booking for parents will be as per previous years through Parent Lounge. Further instructions will be forthcoming.

Supporting Each Other

Thank you for your support of your son regarding his hygiene and self-management practices. It continues to be vital that boys are conscious of washing their hands regularly, especially before they eat. The boys have been excellent at using the hand sanitiser in each classroom, in the library and at the tuckshop. A reminder for all boys to have their own water bottle please. We have disabled the bubbler function on taps but boys can use these stations to fill their own water bottles. We have transitioned back to our normal timetable today and we are confident that we have ample space for the boys in break times. We look forward to continuing to support each other as we manage the next months. Please be in contact with your son’s Formation Leader if we can be of further assistance or support.

Daily Drop Off and Pick Up

We will not snap back into normal in this domain very quickly. As there are fewer after school activities able to be facilitated at present, more boys are leaving school immediately and a larger number of cars are accessing the site. Hopefully, this will improve over the next few weeks as more activities come on line. I would ask for your continued patience with this. In the afternoons, it is taking about 20 to 25 minutes for traffic to clear. It is a time to be positive with each other, patient, forgiving and tolerant. Everyone has their places they need to be and demands on their time; I thank you for putting the safety of the children first. Some parents will have noticed that we are discouraging driving up to the main roundabout in front of the Edmund Rice Building. Too much traffic comes into this student pedestrian space and we are looking to minimise this for safety. Thank you for your co-operation and for your ongoing assistance through staying in cars at drop and pick up as much as possible please. If we can be of assistance, please be in contact.

Enrolments 2021

Last week I mentioned enrolments for 2021. Thank you to families who have been in contact regarding Year 7. We have a large number of applicants for this year level and a waiting list, so finalising these enrolments is important.
I would particularly ask existing families to be in contact with Robyn Donaldson, our Enrolments Officer if you have a sibling of an current student who you are intending to enrol for any year level and haven’t let us know! If we do not know, we are not expecting to hear from you! Please do be in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you to current families who recommend ATC to their friends and families. Eamonn, our College Mascot has been visiting Year 4 2021 families at their homes to say hello. These Year 3 fellows who are joining us next year were very excited to meet him. We still have some Year 4 positions available for 2021 and would love to hear from any friends or family who would like to take a closer look at ATC.

Co-curricular Activities

The College Leadership Team and Co-curricular Activities Team are liaising closely with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and schools with whom we share a close working relationship to monitor government guidelines through Stage Two and Three of restriction roll backs. As you would be aware, the Queensland Government moved the restrictions roll back to Stage 2 as of midday today.

Some activities in sport and culture have commenced under the Stage One guidelines of groups of 10 and hygiene and social distancing practices and the Co-Curricular Team will be in contact with families today about Stage Two plans. We are presently working with our partners in the Greater Brisbane Conference, Associated Independent Colleges and Greater Public Schools sport competitions in the booking of activities and development of operational practices. We are enthusiastic concerning the potential of significantly increased Term 3 activity after the July 10 Stage 3 commencement, but clear details from the Government and Health Authority are not yet available. Thus, we are planning ‘in principle’ arrangements and preparing for best case scenarios. Damian Steele, Director of Co-curricular Activities and our Sport and Culture Teams will continue to be in direct contact about opportunities that may be possible and our registration process. Like other aspects of school related activity, this is very unlikely to ‘snap back’ to business as usual and 2020 may well be an elongated period of cautious, highly regulated co-curricular activity. The concept of ‘100’ persons continues to be a point requiring clarity for all schools in facilitating co-curricular activities both sporting and cultural. Obviously, this sort of highly regulated activity, along with others, will place significant resourcing and logistic demands on schools. Thank you for your patient support-we fully appreciate that co-curricular activity is important for our boys.

National Reconciliation Week

As this significant week continues, I wish to thank and congratulate Damien Zammit and Brett Greinke for their facilitation of the community process for creating our beautiful artwork that has been shared this week. This process included hundreds of students and staff being invited to the Clontarf Academy Room at the College to ‘make their mark’ in creating the story of Ambrose Treacy. Best of all, we were ‘In this Together’ as we made the piece. The artwork is going to travel around the school for the next little while, with an explanation of its meaning and a framed copy of the National Apology presented by Prime Minister Rudd in 2008. Then, we will find a central and prominent place to display this signpost symbol in the history of our College. Thank you and congratulations to all of the boys involved in this project and our Reconciliation Week video. We are proud of our boys.

A number of parents and caregivers may have seen our Reconciliation Action Plan. Please find a copy here for your perusal. This formally approved document informs our practice, assists us in being accountable and provides a map for us to follow as we learn, lead and serve towards authentic recognition and reconciliation.

God Bless

Chris Ryan