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Our Service Pillar

Service is a word you will hear every day at ATC. It plays an integral role in the formation of strong and capable young men. As we settle into school routines and familiarize ourselves with College life, it’s also time to define the role of being a Signum Fidei, a Sign of Faith within our community.

College Pillars

Service is one of the three Pillars of our College, alongside Learning and Leadership. As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition we are intentional in the teaching of our Catholic values, and through Service, students are given the opportunity to display their faith through actions, no matter how big or small, to help others; something which they have an innate desire to do.

Luke and Zac collect bottles for recycling to raise money for UN Women's charity.

From global initiatives, such as working towards sustainability goals, providing food and shelter for those sleeping rough, all the way to micro-Service, such as holding a door open, or showing small acts of kindness to others; Ambrose Treacy students are eager to spread love, kindness and compassion.

Charlie collects runners and boots to support his favourite charity.

Participation in Service provides the young men at Ambrose Treacy College with opportunities to utilize their unique skills and talents to assist others. Not only does this have an impact on the communities in which we Serve, it also provides authentic experiences for our students to make connections between the classroom and the real world. An awareness of others and their ability to positively impact our lives, coupled with the recognition of our role to support those living on the margins, is precisely the type of Learning that our Men of Courage receive throughout the Service Learning Program at ATC.

Year 12 student Ben volunteers at Cooking Club each week.

In my experience, students feel great about themselves when they help others. And there is plenty of research to support the claim that displaying kindness, generosity and gratitude does wonders for our own personal wellbeing, let alone the recipient of our Service. Through Service, students gain confidence and learn more about themselves and the world around them, and furthermore, I believe that an authentic engagement in the schools’ Service Program promotes a life-long commitment to bettering our world.

Mr Warr helping a new student with his locker padlock.

Each boy is asked to accrue hours of service as they work with, learn from and build relationships with those on the margins. Throughout the year as students participate in Service, they are required to log these hours with their Homeroom teacher so that they have a record of how many Service hours they have accrued. This record is used when determining Service Awards in Term Four, and whilst we promote the intrinsic nature of Service, we are mindful to affirm students for their work in Service in order to foster this element of their education, so, that in years to come, they are habitually on hand to offer support and assist others in their daily lives.

Whilst students will be afforded many opportunities here at school to get involved in Service, by far the most rewarding, impactful and transformational Service that students can do, are the initiatives that they arrange themselves. Encourage your son to ‘scan’ his community and identify a need or an opportunity to help whether that’s in the local environment or helping a neighbour. Perhaps a local Club needs help in the canteen, a local park/trail needs a clean-up, or your son may have a cause he feels strongly about. Have a conversation about what he can do to reach his Service Hours goal. He will feel great doing it, and he will get that chance to make our world just that little bit better!

Signum Fidei – We love to share stories of our students completing their Service. Please email any stories, photos and information about your son’s Service activity to so that we can promote his great work!

Andrew McCrohon
Service Coordinator