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Opening our Arms

This blog is inspired by Charlie Henry’s adventures in the Eamonn suit.

Eamonn is our College mascot. He’s enormous, conspicuous and loveable! Despite being a fierce Irish Warrior (missing one finger through a historical battle), his friendly nature and captivating smile ensure that everyone he meets feels welcomed and accepted.

The word ‘community’ is used a lot to describe Ambrose Treacy College. You will see examples of our community at work on a daily basis. In the classroom, in the playground, in offices; and you’ll see it before school, during school, and after school, on weekdays, as well as weekends. It’s a community that supports one another, that cares for one another, and it’s a community where everyone has a place.

When news broke that we were unable to host the students and families of our 2021 Year 4 cohort, our burly, big-hearted Irish Warrior Eamonn sprang into action. Armed with gift bags and a newly developed ATC High-Five, he hit the streets of Brisbane on a quest to meet our newest ATC Men of Courage.

Waking Eamonn early on a Saturday morning, and driving him around the suburbs of Brisbane to visit 2021 Year 4 boys was a community in action. Traipsing our 8-foot tall, bare-chested, red-bearded, shield-wielding mascot from Oxley to Ferny Grove, from Taringa to Anstead, was as much about connection as it was an introduction. It was our way of saying, ‘hello’ and welcome to our community.

The sight of big Eamonn making his way gingerly up and down driveways and ducking his head to get in and out of the school mini-bus, certainly drew some attention from onlookers. And his appearance at the front door did manage to send some pets running for safety, but our gentle giant brought nothing but smiles to the faces of those young fellows who next year will don the navy blazer.

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The Love for Eamonn

Eamonn’s visits are a symbol of what each individual student means to our College. On the surface he high-fived, he handed out gifts and posed for photos, but underneath all of that was a very important message to everyone – He belongs, he’s valued, he’s got much to add, and we welcome everyone with open arms.

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