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On the 8th Day

The Choir performing at the Opening Mass.

You might have heard the term Day 8 used before. Schools use the milestone ‘Day 8’ as an official checkpoint in the start of the school year. It is on the 8th school day of the year that enrolments are counted, contracts finalised and the year is from an administrative point of view, underway.

Would you believe that Monday this week was Day 8? That’s right – this school year is only 8 days old!

Mitchell Densley competing in triathlon.

Already we have 24 cricket teams on the field each weekend, 13 volleyball teams on the court, 3 water polo teams in the water, 23 bands, ensembles and choirs have commenced rehearsals, dozens of Year 4’s and Year 9’s are paddling around the pool in canoes, chess pieces are flying, the debaters have begun preparations, pre-season rugby, AFL and soccer have commenced, the gym is bursting at the seams, our artists and chefs are ready to don aprons, our triathletes are days away from their biggest competition of the year and the line of trail runners on Tuesday stretched from ATC to the Indooroopilly train station.

It is fantastic to see our boys leaping at the chance to try their hand at something new or refine skills already learnt and enjoy the chance to spend time with their fellow ATC brothers outside of academic life. I would encourage our boys as always, to maintain the excitement, energy and commitment right to the end. When things get tough, if teams face a tough loss, if practise seems to hard or the pillow pulls harder than an early morning band practise, I would urge boys to remember the commitment that they have made to their brothers in their team or band and to fulfil their role to the best of their ability.

Talented musicians at the Opening Mass.

Last Tuesday on co-curricular assembly we talked about our war cry Warriors go Brach. We borrowed this line from the saying Erin go bragh, which is a Gaelic pledge of allegiance meaning Ireland Forever. Every time our boys scream our Warriors go Brach it is a pledge of commitment and brotherhood.

If I return to the analogy of the jumbo jet – we are up in the air, there will be the odd bump, but the journey will be worth it in the end. And let’s face it, we aren’t talking about a bus or train here, planes don’t make stops along the way to let passengers off!

If Day 8 was looking good, I can’t wait to see where we are as musicians, debaters, chefs, chess players and sportsmen at Day 18, Day 80 and Day 180! It’s going to be a great flight (journey).

Email the Author, Dave Capra, Director of Co-curricular Activities.