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Om The Sound of the Universe

Often the first and last thing heard in any yoga class, what does Om really mean?

Like a lot of things it’s not easy to define. Being a teacher at ATC and a yoga instructor, I believe that Om can mean almost anything. It can be your hopes and dreams, your daily mantra, your relaxation signal. My hope is that one day all students at ATC will do at least one yoga session a week. Dream big, I always say!

Yoga aims to help students improve mental and physical health. It is great for posture, strength, flexibility, coordination, emotional regulation and it’s fun. Most boys are sceptical of yoga, as they think it doesn’t compare to a heavy session in the gym, but yoga is brilliant for increasing muscle tone and strength, increasing flexibility and balance, loosening joints and stretching muscles.

The benefits of yoga for boys are not only physical but also mental; yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress using the breathing techniques and controlled movements in yoga. In a busy school week, yoga can provide students with the timeout to relax and focus, which will also have positive effects on their organisation, motivation and attitude. It also helps develop good sleep patterns and is a way for them to switch-off from their thoughts.

Yoga for term 3 will run every Thursday morning before school in the Drama room from 6:45 – 7:45am. I also run a class during the extended Homeroom time along with Josh Bryant. All boys are welcome to come to Thursday’s class. If the popularity continues to grow we hope to expand our classes and sessions.


David Mapleston