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Oh What a Night!

It’s safe to say that year 11 students are one of the most diverse and tightly-knit cohorts in the school. We’ve got sporting legends, musos, academics, and everything in between. While our differences are what make us so great, it can sometimes be difficult for us to come together with a common purpose. Of course, we should have known that the solution to this problem was the same as it is form most other problems in life – play good music, open up the dance floor, invite great mates and put on good food and soft drinks.

I was lucky enough to attend and MC the 2019, Year 11 SociABLE last week.

First of all, excuse me if I am stating the obvious when I say it was a fun night. This seems like a simple point, but you can’t underestimate the importance of pausing now and again to loosen your tie, blast some music, and just for a moment forget about all the school work you have to do. We certainly have a lot on our plate this year, so the opportunity for some genuine, light-hearted fun was a very welcome one.

I will make a big statement here when I say BROTHERHOOD played a major part in the success of the night. This is a concept that’s been building and growing throughout the College’s history and the SociABLE was one of the best examples of brotherhood that I’ve ever seen from our cohort.

A quick recap – A couple of times throughout the night, a classic dance circle was formed around the dance floor and everyone cleared the space and started wildly clapping. Then something amazing happened – people actually jumped in and started dancing. It was extraordinary. The usually cool, calm, and collected guys were in there doing backflips and breakdancing. The musos and academics impressed all with their perfectly-studied and memorised moves. Even yours truly jumped in and… well, what I did, can only be described as controlled flailing, but even so, I got a big round of applause and only a slightly disappointed look from my date!

In my opinion it’s this willingness to jump in and have a go that makes our cohort truly great – and it’s our cohort being great that gives us this willingness to try new things. If there is a takeaway for the larger community, it’s this:

Jumping into that circle is important. Putting yourself under the spotlight is important. But personal glory means nothing if you’re not there to watch your mates jump in too. You clap, you cheer, you scream – you do whatever you can to make sure that each of every one of your brothers gets their shot at greatness.

So I urge you all to keep pushing yourself. Keep jumping into that circle. Keep supporting your mates. But above all, keep having fun. We deserve it!

Rory Kerr
Year 11 Student

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