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Reader's Cup participants

As the term comes to a close, we can sit back and reflect on the exciting Reader’s Cup competition which engaged many boys in the wonderful world of books. Our Makersapce Mondays has been a popular activity encouraging collaborative work amongst students.

Reader’s Cup 2016

Reader's Cup Year 6 participants

On Monday 13 June, ten of our Year 6 boys competed in the Brisbane West Regional Heat of the 2016 Readers Cup. The two teams of five boys were well prepared and represented ATC admirably in the competition. The boys had to read five books and answer questions about those books.

Whilst our teams were not successful in winning this round, as host and author Samantha Wheeler said on the day, “all the students who entered were successful as they had all read books and were all readers.” Well done to our boys and we look forward to competing in the Reader’s Cup again in 2017.

A good book for a boy is one that provides the information his thirsty mind seeks and inspires him to discover more. It fascinates him and opens up the possibilities of knowledge. It expands his world.” James Moloney

Makerspace Mondays

Throughout this term we have provided the boys with the opportunity to create, to explore, to collaborate and to have fun during our Makerspace Monday activities. Makerspace Monday is on every Monday lunchtime (second break) in the Mt Sion iCentre. Anyone junior school student can come along and participate – however often places will be limited so first in first served. The activities will vary each week and it will be continued through term 3.

Makerspace Monday provides the opportunity for collaborative creativity.

The activities have an emphasis on making and are all about creating creative people. The maker movement in our library teaches our students to think for themselves, to think creatively, and to look for do-it-yourself solutions to the challenges presented each week.

Makerspace Monday's Paper Bag challenge.

This week’s activity was a paper bag construction activity. Each boy was given a paper bag containing mystery items which they had to use to construct the highest tower possible.

Mrs Rachelle Garton, Teacher Librarian

Concentration during the challenge activity using mystery items in a paper bag.