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New Students Settle Into ATC Life

Students settle into ATC life

While the humidity and the heat have certainly been a feature of the last few days, I have been delighted that this has not overshadowed the good start to the year with most students, both continuing and new, having adjusted to our new routines.

One of the most pleasing aspects of our start has been how we have seen students support each other, whether in the form of continuing students looking out for new students who may be feeling a little lost or confident new students looking for ways to engage with others. I hope that all students have heard us talk about the importance of community and that it is not about what you and I can do individually but rather what we can do together. All in all I could not be happier with the way the school year has started on a student front. Whilst I am only commenting on a general impression of how well everyone has seemed to have settled in on the new year, it is always important that parents share with the College any concerns that they may have or feel with regards to their son’s start to the year. Your first point of call is always your son’s class teacher in the Junior school or his homeroom teacher in the Middle school. If your concern is more specific you may choose to talk to either his Year Coordinator, Head of Year, Head of School or School Counsellor. Concerns are always best dealt with early and often conversations just require awareness rather than require specific follow up. I would assure all parents that we take the concept of a school / home partnership seriously and we would welcome your help to ensure we strengthen this relationship by talking about any matters that you feel are impacting on your son’s time with us.

Academic Assembly

Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude

Ralph Marston

This Friday in our first full College assembly for the year, we will celebrate the academic achievements from Semester 2 2015. In acknowledging excellence and in particular academic excellence we are congratulating students for the effort that they have put into their work. Excellence in any field is largely dependent on the amount of commitment that a person has in their chosen field. All too often I hear that ‘critics’ say that some people are lucky that they are born with a particular talent. Whilst genetics can be helpful, excellence is more proportional to the application of talents and the attitude we take to our endeavours rather than what we may be fortunate to be born with. The recognition on Friday will celebrate both the students who have achieved at the highest level across all their subjects as well as students who have demonstrated an ‘A’ standard of application across their subjects. In this way we are able to congratulate the students on both the level they have achieved and /or their application to their study endeavours.

Staff News

I would like to share some good news on the staff family front and congratulate Paddy and Nic Behan and Dave and Julie Sullivan following recent additions to their families. Just before Christmas Paddy and Nic welcomed Douglas Patrick into the world while last week Dave and Julie welcomed a second daughter Georgie Charlotte. Both Mums and Bubs are doing really well and as you can imagine we have two very proud dads (albeit a little tired) bouncing around the College at the moment. On behalf of the ATC community we congratulate the Behans and the Sullivans on this wonderful news.

Opening Mass

Friday week will be an important time for us as a school community when we celebrate our Opening College Mass at Stephen’s Cathedral in the City. Boys will be bussed to and from the Cathedral for this important event. As a Catholic school we feel that it is important that we celebrate as a school community to mark our start for the school year. Students will receive further information in the lead up to next Friday, regarding bus travel and expectations etc. I would remind all parents that all boys will be required to wear their day uniform with a tie for the Mass. Given the current pattern of weather, suit coats will not be worn. As a help to parents and in particular mums who may face the task of having boys wear a tie for the first time and quite naturally not be practised in the skill of tying a tie, there are a number of clues either on YouTube or there are apps for your phone if you search in the app store of how to tie a tie. Please understand if this proves daunting we can help out at school to help students with their ties.

Parents and Friends

One of the features of our community that I have learnt over my twelve years at the College has been that we tend to leave RSVPs to the last minute. Whilst we always seem to get good support for our events, it can at times prove a little challenging for our organisers particularly when we need to liaise with outside caters. General talk that we have heard within our community has been that there is good interest in our P&F Welcome Night, unfortunately this has not translated to bookings in our TryBooking system. To assist with our planning for the event I would encourage parents to help us by clicking here to book.

Enrolments Year 4 2017 and Year 7 2019.

As surprising as this may seem I need to advise our community that the enrolment processes for students hoping to enter Year 4 2017 and Year 7 2019 have commenced. At Ambrose Treacy College we are in a fortunate position to be over subscribed for enrolment places in our main entry years of Year 4 and Year 7. Whilst this is difficult for families who may miss out on the offer for a position at the College, all we can do is to try and manage demand for our enrolments through a transparent process. As a key part of our enrolment process we will always try and guarantee a place for the younger siblings of older students enrolled at the College. The guarantee can only be done if we have firstly an enrolment form lodged in our system and secondly we receive the timely return of all relevant and requested information to complete the enrolment process. I would ask that any ATC family who has not made a formal enrolment for their son to join us in Year 4 2017 or Year 7 2019 to please contact the College and submit an application form this week. Secondly that all requested information is returned promptly to the College to complete the enrolment process. Failure to do this could lead to disappointment and your son being placed on a wait list. For all enrolment enquiries, please contact our Enrolments Officer, Alida O’Donohue .

School Fees

I would like to extend a gentle reminder to all families that the first term fees for 2016 are due this Friday. Like all well-run businesses the College is obviously dependent on a strong cash flow position. In saying this I would like to thank the many families who have assisted with either an early payment of fees or who have arranged a School Fees Payment Authority with the College. I would like to encourage families to look at the option of completing the School Fees Payment Authority to assist both families and the College in the timely payment of fees. This Authority is very flexible in giving families the option of how they would like to pay their fees either annually, by term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Over a third of our current families are currently utilising this facility. This Authority form can be found on the SEQTA Parent Lounge. By completing this Authority Form you would not need to have all the term’s fees paid this Friday rather just a plan for the payment of fees in place.