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Never compromising, Never Satisfied

Last Friday I spoke to the boys on assembly about Steve Waugh, Australian Test Captain, my sporting hero growing up and one of the toughest sportsmen Australia has ever produced. As an individual, he constantly challenged himself and others to be the very best that they could be, to overcome all challenges to achieve personal excellence.

It is the notion of personal excellence that resonates most strongly for me, as our ambition at ATC is to provide boys with the opportunity, the skills and the means to achieve their own personal excellence. It is important that we make the distinction that at ATC, we celebrate the individual difference in what excellence is, in that for every one of us our goals and ambitions are (and should be) somewhat different and that in achieving these goals we find our own definition of excellence. By never being satisfied and never compromising, we can continually seek to learn, improve and grow as individuals. Below, are some great examples of this in our boys over the past week.

Triathlon State Titles

Over the weekend our tri squad travelled to Hervey Bay for the State Aquathlon and Triathlon Titles. Only the athletes themselves know the depth and breadth of their training and commitment over the past 6 months, however it is suffice to say that this particular group of athletes under Mr Fidler’s guidance never compromised and were never satisfied with anything but the best in their training. Later in this newsletter, there are more details about the boy’s achievements, however I would like to share (second hand) one story about Patrick Newell’s triathlon experience. Patrick has trained consistently, with determination and drive for triathlon for the past three years. He came out of the swim in the top group of athletes and was looking to be in the mix for his best performance to date. 800m into the bike leg (at which point the boys hit top speed) a competitor in front of him slid off his bike and Patrick ran into him and went straight over his handlebars and hit the road. Patrick’s front wheel was bent out of shape and his chain came off in the collision. With a spectator, he fixed his chain, bent the wheel somewhat into shape and after several minutes was able ‘limp’ away on his bike. To withdraw from the race at this point would have been completely acceptable in terms of triathlon etiquette and would have been understandable given the long ride ahead and the damaged bike. Patrick, never compromising, never satisfied, finished the race in its entirety, showing a level of courage, pride,

Trail Running

We have a great group of trail runners every Tuesday morning who run quite long and challenging runs. This week Joseph Reynolds in Year 5, was our Runner of the Week. Not the fastest or most experienced runner, but he showed determination, courage and commitment to run every single step of the way. Well done champion!

Mr Dave Capra, Head of Sport and Activities