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Meeting Life's Challenges

At the end of the first semester, I would like to thank everyone for their support over the first six months. I would like to thank all of the ATC students on their first semester – they are energetic, they are fun loving and they are, in general, eager learners. No two days at Ambrose Treacy College are the same and I believe it is the spirit and the energy that the boys exude that makes ATC the place it is.

I look forward to the second semester and all the opportunities that it will bring and I hope the upcoming holidays provide all families with some quality family time.

Around this time of the year last year, I mentioned that I am often asked how I feel about how Ambrose Treacy College is going. As a person who usually adopts a positive position in life the easy answer for me is that it is going great and in many ways we are in front of where we might have hoped to have been. In my recollections last year I also mentioned a story I had heard about Jeff Gottfurcht. Jeff was the first person to have ever reached the peak of Mt Everest with rheumatoid arthritis. After conquering Mt Everest, Jeff said that there were five important lessons that he learnt that now stands him in good stead to meet life’s challenges. These five lessons were:

1. You need to enjoy and celebrate every success no matter how big or how small,
2. The good times might not always last,
3. Your success is not luck,
4. Persistence is the key, and
5. The most important ingredient to becoming successful is your network of friends and family.

On reflection when I think about these lessons Jeff learnt, this translates for me into the following ATC lessons that I have learnt over the last 18 months:
1. Make sure you see the opportunities rather than just seeing the challenges,
2. Be aware that your next challenge and hence opportunity is just around the corner, be aware and be prepared,
3. Hard work is the key to moving forward,
4. Stick with what you believe in no matter whether it is people or principles, and
5. Our greatest strength is the community we share including staff, parents and importantly students.

Many good things have been realised once again this year and I believe that you get out of life what you put in. For me the first six months of 2016 have been characterised by continued growth and energy. The energy that I feel in the ATC community continues to excite me with the direction we are heading in. I see many changes in our young men in our middle school and this provides us with the impetus to continue to work hard on the opportunity we have been presented with. As always the key to any success in a school stems from the staff who walk the talk at the school. I also would record my sincere appreciation to all the College staff both within the classrooms and outside, their commitment to your sons is very clear. We are very fortunate to have such a committed group of people working to look after the boys at Ambrose Treacy College. Many people will often look at the teaching profession and question the holidays that teaching allows. Without sounding over defensive I can assure you that ATC teachers well and truly earn their time off to recharge their batteries; they are extremely generous with their time and energy.

Thank you and Good Bye
The reality in life is that not everything will stay constant and change comes in different ways at different times. The end of term 2 will bring about a few changes on the staffing front.

Mr Shane Hannan and students

After over 10 years working in our music department, Shane Hannan leaves us to take up some opportunities in the music field on the Gold Coast. Shane has been an integral member of the NJC and ATC Instrumental Music team that has built an incredible music program at the College. He has led our lower brass section and he will be missed as a great music teacher, an energetic conductor and gentle and passionate musician. The strength of our instrumental music program is realised in the quality and passion of our music staff and Shane will be sorely missed. We wish Shane well with his new direction with his music.

On the year 6 teaching front, I would like to announce that Alisha McNeven will be taking terms 3 and 4 off and that Maryanne Costi, who has shared the teaching responsibilities with Alisha in 6 Bodkin this year, will take over the full time teaching of the class for the rest of the year. Alisha has had a number of health issues over the last 18 months and she feels that it is best to devout her fulltime energies to getting her health back to where we all hope it could be. We look forward to Alisha re-joining us next year. I would also like to advise that Luke Donatini will be taking leave for semester 2 as well. Luke’s classes will be covered in part by a former NJC staff member Nick Drew. Luke has a number of national athletes that he coaches and he will be devoting some of this time to be with them and their overseas commitments.

Traffic and Safety
One area of concern that I would like to draw to the attention of our parents is at the drop off area on the old road up to the roundabout near the College office. A number of parents drop off their sons at the shelter shed adjacent to the path to the pool. This drop off zone also serves as the main pedestrian crossing for access to the pool or the lower drop off area. I would ask any parent who uses this drop off point to please refrain from doing a ‘U’ turn at this point and to proceed to the top roundabout and use this as their turn around point before heading back out on the road down to Twigg Street. I would remind all drivers that safety is everyone’s responsibility and we need to adopt safe practices that minimise any additional risks to the students as they move around the College.

P&F Working Bee
The P&F will be holding a working bee on the last Sunday of the school holidays (July 10) from 8.00 – 11.00am. The aim of the morning working bee is to give the College gardens a quick facelift before the start of term 3. We will look to give all our gardens across the College a good mulching and tidy up to assist our very committed and hardworking ground staff. If you can assist to give a couple of hours on Sunday morning July 10 please contact Steve Davidson on

With best wishes,
Michael Senior