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Looking back at Art in Term 1

As Term 1 comes to a close, we are seeing some fantastic artwork reaching completion across all year levels.

Junior School Art Term 1

Junior School, Year 4 have been studying the Elements of Art, creating foldout booklets that showcase their knowledge and skills in the base elements of line, shape, colour, tone and texture. Years 5 and 6 have both been working on their printmaking skills, with Year 5 creating beautiful screen printed ocean images inspired by artist Henri Matisse, and Year 6 re-creating themselves with a selfie-themed foam print.

Middle School Art Term 1

In the Middle School, Year 7 have put their clay skills to the test to create masks inspired by artist Kimi Cantrell. Year 8 have been working with canvases, painting characters of their own design that have developed from the boys studying artists such as Reg Mombassa and Mulga. The focus for Year 9 this term has been street art, with the boys designing their own skateboard and using stencils to transfer their images onto their skateboard decks.

Some of this artwork will be on display around the college next term, so keep an eye out as you walk around!

We are running low on foam and plastic meat trays and plastic containers, so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Julie Hawkins, Art Teacher