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Looking at Obstacles as Opportunity

What is the meaning of life? A question most of us have asked in different stages of our life. Another one, what is my purpose? Both significant questions; yet I am sure the answer is different for us all. I spent a great deal of my life questioning why I was here and what my life was all about.

‘Our prime purpose in life is to help others’ Dalia Lama

I am sure your sons will or may have already asked this question. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, with children up to 15 years apart, who explained how incredibly different it is to be a parent now. It is an interesting irony that what children need from their parents to thrive developmentally, socially, emotionally and physically, has not changed over the years and yet the world around our children and our families has significantly changed. Part of this change could be attributed to too much information at our fingertips and a distortion of expectations for children and their busy parents.

As parents we are not perfect — nor are our children. Being human means we are prone to experiencing this strange thing called ‘life’ as it happens and no matter how much we plan, dream and hope, things can go wrong. Our lives now have become faster, busier and full of enormous choice. This can be difficult to navigate for both children and their parents. There has been a massive disintegration of the ‘village’ that used to surround families and with it, a strong sense of belonging and safety. A supportive network of parents who are on the same journey helps enormously — because in a way it still ‘takes a whole village to raise a child.’ The stronger and healthier our communities, the better our children thrive.

Ambrose Treacy College does this well, creating a community and a support framework. Matt Warr has challenged our community to be M.A.D and this year followed on from the M.A. D theme to challenge us all to consider the impact of our words. When I question the meaning of life, Matt’s words resonate. I asked myself, ‘What could I possibly do?’ I proposed the challenge of how we could help others, to my family. From our discussions at home the concept of The Hangar was conceived. The Hangar is an aviation based mentoring program. Yes, Aviation! Combining our family’s two passions of flying and mentoring. It is aimed at assisting parents in support of students, focusing on resilience and teaching life skills through The Hangar’s 5 point program: REACHPERSPECTIVECHALLENGEACCEPTTAKE CHARGE.

Our first ATC students recently experienced the ‘perspective program’ firsthand, and were challenged to look at a problem differently. During Flying Program Operation One, Harry communicated, ‘I couldn’t find the street when we were low level but when we climbed to higher altitude, we could navigate this easily.’

In Drone Program One, Sean described his experience: ‘Once I stepped away from the challenge and looked at it from a different perspective, I could solve the problem and could navigate my way to the landing point. I just needed to step away from it.’

The Hangar is our passion and very much in its infancy. It is not a finished product, but the intent is to make a difference and assist in giving meaning to some of life’s questions. If you would like to learn more about the program please click here to email the team at The Hanger or click here to visit our Facebook page.

Liza Peapell
Mentor The Hangar

Proverbs 3:27 Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in you power to act.

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