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Lite and Easy

No, I’m not going on a diet – even though I perhaps should. The title of my blog is about a utopian mindset that we can take to each day. Ideally, an attitude which embraces the challenges of each day but one that isn’t consumed by negativity, regret or anxiety. A light and easy way of looking at things. Living each moment without the fear of inevitable consequence.

Tuesday was World Mental Health Day. It was a day when institutions were supposed to stop their core business and consider the well-being of their community. That KPI’s, if only for a moment, were second to happiness, positivity and hope. A day when a light could be shone on those doing it tough; a torch given to those who can help. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, some of these being children. I had a conversation with a young man today who said he felt depressed at times. He used the analogy of a black cloud hovering over him, threatening to strike at any time, optimism and brightness obscured.

Fortunately, I have completed some research on the mindsets, especially for young men, and had an equally powerful metaphor to explain. Although a dark cloud can seem insurmountable, there has never been a time when the bright sky didn’t eventually emerge from behind it and once again reclaim the day. Our lives are like the sky: big, strong and always capable of being reinvented. Humans are resilient. We can persevere. These facts are regularly discussed at ATC in Formation classes, as well as in days such as retreats. I encourage all boys and their families to familiarise themselves with information regarding mental health, or mental wealth, and the ways you can Make A Difference for others. To the young man I spoke with, your courage in discussing your feelings is a highly effective way to begin to move the clouds. You can be very proud of yourself.

Matthew Warr, Assistant Dean of Formation