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Celebrating Academic Achievement

Hamish Killen and Patrick Robinson Year 9 multiple award winners

It is wonderful to see that so many of our students have settled back into a learning routine and are ready to take on the challenges of Semester Two. In addition to focusing on the content and skills of curriculum areas, students have been challenged to reflect on what worked well last Semester as well as to identify areas for improvement.

To that end, I hope that the parent teacher interviews of last week provided students and parents with meaningful and specific feedback around improvement and next steps.

Year 7 Award winners

To assist in this endeavour, our Year 9s spent a day off timetable on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, in a bid to improve their ‘learning habits’. The course, delivered by Chris Lyons of Gloo Education, focused on memory retention strategies, speed reading strategies and note-taking strategies. It was good to see so many of our Year 9s engaged and most found at least three concrete ideas they could take away and apply to their learning. In Formation Lessons in the Middle School, students are also focused on a learning agenda. Topics include: responding to feedback, goal setting and strategies for improvement, establishing a study routine, getting organised and managing time and note taking. We hope this investment in teaching students the art and science of learning, will result in a meaningful change in focus, habits and outcomes. Parents are free to review the SEQTA learning site for Formation so that they can work in partnership with the College to reinforce key messages about work ethic, at home.

Year 8 award winners

It was gratifying to see that so many of our boys are achieving well across their subject areas in the Semester One report. On Friday of last week, the College celebrated academic achievement by awarding gold, silver and bronze certificates to students who met the minimum number of A requirements across their field of studies. We also celebrated the achievement of any student at the College who received 100% A grades for approach to learning, on their Semester One report. Congratulations to the following awards winners:

Excellence in Academic Achievement

Gold – Alistair Bradford, Hamish Killen, Patrick Robinson, Mitchell Bradshaw, Miles Bajorge, Euan McArdle, Charlie Neumann, Dane Ball

Year 9 Award recipients

Silver – Philip Gerridzen, Samuel Carr, Thomas Kearney, Lachlan Shanahan, Owen Griffin, Xavier Cuolahan, Lachlan Johnson, Tom Musgrave

Bronze – Joe Kan, Quentijn Whitfield, Christian Hiley, Tom Perissinotto, Gabriel Lentz, Thomas Lever, Haydn Roberts, Will Sharkey, Michael Neumann

Excellence in Approach to Learning

Philip Gerridzen, Hamish Killen, Sebastian La Rosa, Finn Lentz, Patrick Robinson, Zach McArdle, Atticus Soloman, Xavier Cuolahan, Will Sharkey

Honours Award – Gold for Academic Achievement and Excellence in Approach to Learning
Hamish Killen and Patrick Robinson

Miss Kath Little, Dean of Learning

Junior School Award recipients

From the Library

“The more you read the more things you know, the more that you learn, the more places you go.” Dr Seuss

During Term 3 we focus on reading in particular and have a number of activities that highlight our commitment to promoting a reading culture in our community.

This is one of my favourite quotations from the author, Theodore Geissel. In his very unique style he has captured the importance of reading both as a recreational activity and as a skill required to access information. At ATC we believe that boys should not only be proficient readers in order to access the curriculum but that resources and time is given to reading for pleasure too.

“A child who reads is an adult who thinks” Sasha Salmina

Each year, across Australia, Children’s Book Week is celebrated in the month of August. This allows schools, libraries and those who are interested in books and literature to celebrate the contribution of Australian authors and illustrators to the joy of reading in our culture. The theme for 2016 is Australia : Story Country. Through our libraries, Mt Sion & Westcourt, we will be focussing on this theme as we celebrate the many ways in which story impacts on our lives as Australians.

We have invited the following popular authors & creators to our school during the term to share their stories and creations.
Cameron Stelzer, creator of the Stroogle and Pie Rats stories, will visit our Year 4 students.
Jack Heath, author extraordinaire of books for boys, will visit both Year 5 and 7 students.
Oliver Phommavanh, a young new voice and creator of hilarious books will visit Year 5 and 6 students.
Steven Herrick, the hilarious, wacky performance poet will also visit Year 7 students.

Tuesday, August 16 has been designated the National Reading Hour. It is well documented that children that read regularly have improved vocabularies, are imaginative, are more able to concentrate, develop greater empathy and are able to entertain themselves. The National Reading Hour recommends at least 10 minutes per night during the week or 1 hour on Tuesday, August 16. We will be hosting a ‘Reading Hour’ event for those families who would like to share their reading ‘hour’ at school… claim this date: Tuesday, August 16 @ 7pm – National Reading Hour

Once again this year we will be hosting a Book Fair, in particular, for our Junior school students. The fair will be held in the Mt Sion iCentre in Week 6 and 7 and allows boys to choose their favourite books and purchase them for their own home libraries. We will be donating the proceeds of our sales to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

A number of our students are currently participating the 2016 Premier’s Reading Challenge which ends in Week 7. Boys set themselves a goal to read either 15 or 20 books before August 26 and many are well on the way to achieving this goal.

The digital natives of today often reject the printed books offered in traditional libraries and prefer to interact with a screen. As a result we do provide a digital library service of e-books which can be borrowed from anywhere and at any time. This term we have increased our collection of books which boys can read on their tablets, ipads or smart phones. Boys can access this collection from the library website or go directly to the digital library.

This term we will be launching 2 new bookclubs for avid readers in our community. Readers often wish to share their enjoyment and passion for books so we are providing the place and space for them to do so.
1. Each Friday lunchtime, the Middle School Bookclub will meet in Westcourt and this group is open to students in Years 7 to 9.
2. ATC Staff Bookclub commences this term and is open to those our staff who enjoy reading for pleasure. (We know they already read for ‘work’)
We hope you are able to support your sons and encourage them to be an active member of our community of readers.
Book club went out to our junior students last week. All orders need to be done online following the instructions on the back of the catalogue. Orders need to be placed by Wednesday 27th July.

And remember…
“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” J.K. Rowling

Mrs Ros Peters, Information Services Coordinator