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Learning to Know

Staff Blogger Dallas Moffat – Assistant Dean of Learning – Student Development and Learning Analytics

At ATC, we aspire to develop highly literate students who know how to learn, problem solve, create, critique and reflect. To support this vision for learning and foster a learning culture, the College provides opportunities that teach our students the skills and strategies of independent learning.

Homework Club

Homework Club is accessible to all students in Years 4-12 and is an excellent opportunity for students to take responsibility for their own learning. The program is designed to build on the academic culture of the College through the provision of an after school academic support and mentoring program in Westcourt iCentre and Mt Sion on Tuesday-Thursdays. There is no preregistration required and the boys are encouraged to work collaboratively to support each other with their learning. The research is clear that students learn best when they learn collaboratively and in doing so, they also become the teachers of others. Follow the link below to see the Term 1 timetable for Homework Club.

Study Skills Framework

Facilitated through Formation classes, The Study Skills Framework provides specific strategies to help students develop learning tools, including improving concentrations, memory skills and ability to think. Junior School study skills focus on organisation, revision techniques and brain-based learning. Middle School students build their capacity to learn at home, manage their time and actively learn. In the Senior School, students learn to backward planning assessment, create study timetables, and increase memory retention. In addition to the Formation lessons, throughout the year, students will also actively participate in a range of high impact study skill seminars from Elevate Education and Success Integrated.

Academic Mentoring

In recognition of the importance and the individualised nature of a senior students’ final phase of secondary schooling, staff members at Ambrose Treacy College will act as designated academic mentors to support our boys. Year 12 students will be mentored by a member of the College Leadership or Learning Team with Year 10 and 11 students meeting regularly with their homeroom teacher. The purpose of program is to involve students and teachers in a collaborative discussion about academic goals and strategies. Without these meaningful conversations, a report card becomes merely a transcript of results and the opportunity to improve or celebrate learning success is lost. In Term 2, students in Years 7-9 will engage in mentoring conversations about their academic progress, academic goals, areas of development and strategies of improvement.

Although the above occasions provide experiences that teach our students the skills and strategies of independent learning, the challenge is getting students to apply what they learn. I call all students to accept increasing amounts of responsibility for their own learning by actively engaging in the resources and opportunities available at Ambrose Treacy College.

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