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Learning to be Prepared

I hope the holiday period provided families with a wonderful opportunity for rest and renewal. Term Three promises to be a busy one, particularly in relation to Learning. Ambrose Treacy is not a College which ‘stands still’ – frankly, this simply hasn’t been possible.

Our staff are operationalising curriculum programs in a high change environment, not least of which have been the changes associated with Senior Schooling. Much has been done to support the Senior Phase of learning, particularly in the area of Pathways Education.

Year 12s

Our current Year 12s are on track for good outcomes, whether they be in the tertiary space or the vocational space. Already, a number of our young men have completed Certificate and Diploma qualifications and are to be congratulated for this significant undertaking. OP eligible students have similarly undertaken a QCS preparation program, for which their leadership and commitment has been noteworthy. Most encouraging have been the recent ‘practice’ results of this group, who are now showing promising trends above the state average. OP eligible students will receive a third and final round of OP indications within the first two weeks, if they haven’t already received them. The QCS program for Term 3 has been distributed to all OP eligible students.

Year 11s

Our Year 11 students, currently completing the new QCE system, have also shown signs of progress. The first semester of Year 11 can be a challenging time as students develop their understanding of the expectations of the Senior Phase. Members of the Learning Team have been proactive in following up with students who are ‘at risk’ which is particularly important given the new QCE system counts points based on satisfactory completion of individual units, rather than a pass at exit (as is the case for our current Year 12s). Further support will be provided for parents and students to improve their backward mapping and study planning, at a Study Skills Support session on Wednesday 24 July from 5pm – 6pm at the College.

It should be noted that some universities have recently shifted their position on university entry requirements for 2020 Year 12 graduates (our current Year 11s). A letter has been placed on the College App outlining the full details of this. Queensland University of Technology, for example, has suggested it will consider a Diploma or Certificate IV course as a basis for entry into some degrees (provided students retain ATAR eligibility). Australian Catholic University and Griffith University have stated that they will accept Certificate III and higher-level qualifications as a basis for entry into some courses, without ATAR eligibility. I would therefore strongly encourage parents of Year 11 students to think seriously about whether their current level of achievement warrants the inclusion of a Cert III or Diploma course, as an insurance plan for tertiary study, particularly if they are students struggling to receive a C average. There is a strong likelihood that a Diploma, Certificate IV or Certificate III course may be a better pathway into post-school study than their ATAR score, on the basis of this recent advice.

Year 10s

Year 10 students will also be involved in SET Planning Meetings from week 3 of Term 3. SET planning is an important process which supports pathway choice. Students have also been undertaking Careers education as part of their Formation program. All Year 10 students and their parents are encouraged to attend the Subject Selection Information Evening on Wednesday 24 July from 6.30pm in NJ Hall. In addition to hearing information about the new QCE system for Senior students in Queensland, students will have access to representatives from various universities, so that they can hone their post-school plans.

Year 9s

Current Year 9 students and parents are also encouraged to attend the Subject Selection Evening on Wednesday 24 July, so that planning can be more longitudinal and intentional. Parents and students are also welcome to attend the earlier Study Skills Support session at 5pm, which focusses on backward mapping and study skills, particularly if they have found the transition to the new ‘instrument specific marking guides’ a challenge.

Year 7s & 8s

Year 8 and 9 2020 Subject Selection Evening for parents and students is being held on Thursday 25 July at 6.30pm in Nudgee Junior Hall. All parents and students are encouraged to attend this important Information night.

Information on the New QCE System

Click here for the Australian Tertiary Admissions website.


QTAC is the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre and is responsible for making offers to students for university and TAFE placement. Students should come to all pathway meetings with a broad understanding of what they wish to do after school as well as the eligibility requirements. For more information about course options and post school study pathways, I would encourage all students and parents to familiarise themselves with the QTAC website.

Kath Little
Dean of Learning