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Learning News Week 7 Term 3

Our Department of Exceptional Learners strives to embody the Inclusive Community Touchstone of the Edmund Rice Tradition by empowering our students to participate in our programs with dignity and confidence, by promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity.

At ATC we support students with verified or diagnosed special needs including students with chronic health conditions, sensory impairments, intellectual disability, physical disability, social / emotional disorder and severe language disorders [dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyslexia]. Support is also provided to the students with substantial undiagnosed learning difficulties including students with evident cognitive gaps, students with very low levels of literacy and numeracy and students identified as Gifted and Talented. The teachers who work with verified learning disabilities or undiagnosed learning difficulties and the parents of students with verified learning disabilities or undiagnosed learning difficulties are also abetted by our department’s support system.

In Junior School, students are supported through:
- Individual Education Plans or Curriculum Access Plans (for students 2 years of more below year level)
- Purposeful intervention programs including Rainbow Reading, Assistive Technology classes, Numeracy
- Targeted support for mathematics and writing, using a multi-sensory approach
- Assessment support / additional time, assessment complete in withdrawn conditions
- In-class support, including access to school officers
- Case Management

In Middle School, students are supported through:
- Individual Education Plans or Curriculum Access Plans (for students 2 years of more below year level)
- Curriculum Support: homework and assessment support, time management and organisational skills
- Targeted Mathematics and English classes
- Case Management
Please follow the link below to download “Adjustment Examples” to read some of our adjustments.

Our Gifted and Talented students have had the opportunity to participate in a number of outstanding opportunities this year with more upcoming events planned.

Da Vinci Decathlon
Held at AB Paterson College, Arundel the Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students, run in the spirit of the Olympic Decathlon. Students from Year 5 to 9 competed in teams of eight in the following ten disciplines: Art and Poetry, Cartography, Chess, Code Breaking, Creative Producers, Engineering, Maths, English and General Knowledge. Our Year 5 students displayed a particular aptitude for Cartography securing second place, led by our Silver medallist Mrs Annabel Wolfe.

Innovators of the Future
Androids Alive at AB Paterson College, Arundel was an exciting day for Year 4 to 6 students to explore the human-machine connection and the components that make androids more interactive with humans and our modern life. Student teams engaged in a variety of science experiments and then competed with their team to complete a final challenge judged for its ingenuity, scientific foundation and creativity. Our students’ Android masterpiece Mike is currently proudly residing in the 4 Nolan classroom.

Students across the College are currently in training for these events:
o Ipswich and Western Brisbane Math Challenge as part of the IGNITE extension program
o STEM High Achievers with activities including The Water We Drink, The Wonder of Science- X-Treme Detective, Energy at the bottom of the Bay and Freshwater CSI
o STEM Challenge presented by Griffith University at AB Paterson College where challenges will include Science Investigation, Data Collection, Problem Solving, Mathematical Analysis and Construction.

Mrs Deborah Butler, Head of Exceptional Learners