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Learning News Week 5 Term 3

Learning this term in the Junior School has certainly been focused on what boys like best- thinking, doing and talking. There has been plenty of movement to engage the boys along with some competitive spirit in numerous activities within each year level. The energy from each classroom has been contagious.

There is enormous excitement surrounding the many and varied experiences including the ever popular Cook Off competition, the upcoming Living History day and the Year 4 Raft Building exercise, the Year 5 Gold Rush fever that’s sweeping across the Junior School goldfields and our annual Year 6 Swagtember charity event. Here’s what’s been happening over the past couple of weeks.

Year 4

It has been a very busy start to the term and the year 4 boys have continued to participate enthusiastically in everything that they have done. This was evident in the record number of year 4 boys who took part in the Junior School Cook Off. Out of the whole grade over 50 boys served up beautiful food which was greatly appreciated by their peers and staff! What was more pleasing was the resilience many of the boys showed when they realised they had not made it through to the next round. A further highlight was a trip by ten 4 Bodkin boys to the “Indooroopilly Montessori Children’s House” next to our Middle school. This small group helped out in the kindy and it was fantastic to see the positive way in which the ATC students interacted with the younger children. Over the rest of the year, every boy in Year 4 will be given the opportunity to go and help out. Looking ahead, there are a few big days coming up including a Living History Day (week 7) and the much anticipated Milk Bottle Regatta Raft Day (week 10). Around these events we will endeavour to do a little school work!
Lawrie Gordon, Year 4 Coordinator

Bandits, miners and even the Governor join Year 5 Gold Rush Fever.

Year 5

There is Gold in them their Hills. The most exciting time in Year 5 has arrived. The Gold Rush. Last week, the boys ventured out to the Bannockburn Goldfields to get an idea of what life was like on the Goldfields. All boys were dressed in character and a few were called on to role play their character.
Upon arrival, we were accosted by the bushranger Logan who stole Zac Brown’s hard earned gold and apple. The boys learnt all about haggling, panning, cradling and tent making. After a quick break, the boys were then given a quick lesson on map reading and went off to find the bushranger that was coded around the Goldfields.
The boys then bought their Gold Licence to have the privilege of trying to find gold. Once the gold was found, they then had to put their new found haggling skills into use and bargain a good deal with the assayers. The assayers proved to be a tough group and not many fortunes were made on the day.
Upon return, the long awaited Gold Rush game has begun. The boys know they must have their licences on them at all times, otherwise the traps will be handing out fines. There is gold in the ATC Goldfields, but it won’t be easy to break even.
Brett Cashmere, Year 5 Coordinator

Fish dissection lesson with Mr Sullivan

Year 6

Celebrate Learning Week has been a massive hit in Year Six. We have used this opportunity to expose the boys to different experiences such as cooking, dissecting marine life and also as the launch to our Swagtember fundraiser. The cooking class was led by Mrs Costi and involved making such treats as pizza, sausage rolls, Anzac slice, chocolate muffins and rocky road. Needless to say, the boys had a great time making them and an even better time eating them! Mr Sullivan then had boys dissecting marine life such as squid, mullet, tailor, crayfish and grinners. The boys absolutely loved these experiences and enjoyed getting their hands dirty. Our final activity of the week’s celebration was introducing the boys to Swagtember. This is an annual fundraiser that the Year Six students choose to take part in. The boys will have to come up with different ideas to raise money which will go towards sponsoring us ‘roughing it for a night’ in the College Hall. All proceeds go to Street Swags, a charity that we have enjoyed learning about and supporting previously. Last year we raised over $5000, the most in the nation. I know our current students are looking forward to getting behind this wonderful cause and chalking up some service hours in the process.

Dave Sullivan, Year 6 Coordinator

Boys rule in the kitchen!

Enjoying the creative arts at Celebrate Learning Day