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Learning News Week 10 Term 3

READING IS ALIVE – Some say that boys do not read nor like to read but I would challenge that perception. At our college in particular we have found that providing appropriate reading materials to suit the needs of boys and presenting them in our vibrant libraries has meant that reading IS happening at our placeā€¦..often!

During term 3 we have had the opportunity to focus on books and reading during both Children’s Book Week and Literacy & Numeracy Week. It has been rewarding to see our students enjoying books and participating in the many activities associated with reading.

We have had a number of visits from authors this term and this can be a motivating experience for readers. As a result there was a long queue for the books written by Jack Heath, including his latest bestsellers, 400 Minutes and Fail Safe. Many of our Year 4 boys ordered their own copies of books by author/illustrator Cameron Stelzer. Poetry became cool again after a visit from Steven Herrick and Oliver Phommvanah was just a fabulous new and entertaining author of books for boys. We also hosted a Book Fair for our Junior school students and not only sold many, many books but also raised money to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to help those who have little or no access to books in their communities.

Borrow and read ATC Library eBooks.

Take advantage of our e-book library which allows students to borrow at any time and from anywhere. At the end of the term we encourage our boys to borrow ‘lots’ from our libraries as holidays can be an ideal time to relax and catch up on reading. Books can be downloaded onto any device and are automatically returned after 2 weeks. Check out our virtual library by clicking here.

Learning Beyond the Walls

Both our libraries have assisted students and teachers throughout the year with the teaching and learning of units of work. As we are a school which embraces digital technologies we are cognizant of the fact that many students acquire their information online rather than in print format. So, one of ways in which we provide help is to create guides for students to better enable them to access information resources. This year we launched a new library website and a significant part of this is the year level and subject Libguides. Click here to see an example of a guide for Year 9 English.

This kind of resource is well utilized as it not only provides access to digital content but the information has also been checked by teachers and is deemed to be authoritative and reliable. Students therefore do not waste time finding content which may not be relevant. Another benefit is that students can access this from home and continue to work seamlessly throughout the term and also the holidays. As our students move through Middle and Senior school the requirement to work within the boundaries of the school day and term are much more fluid as our learning moves beyond the school room walls.

10 Rules

I recently read an extract from a book by Cherie Carter-Scott PhD entitled “If Life is a game, these are the Rules”. Of her 10 rules I would like to focus on numbers 2 through 5 which relate to the importance of learning. In order they are:

Rule 2: “You will be presented with lessons.”

Life is a series of lessons which are presented each day and it is up to each individual to make the most of these opportunities.

Rule 3: “There are no mistakes, only lessons”

As humans we are flawed and so life is a series of trials and errors from which we can learn.

Rule 4: “The lesson is to be repeated, until learned.”

Some may see problems, frustrations and challenges in the learning process but these are in fact more lessons which may require patience.

Rule 5: “Learning does not end.”

We should know that learning is constant and does not end at the end of the school day, term or year. We should commit to the process of ‘life long learning’ – a term often used by educators, for the benefits it can bring.

If you are interested you can read the other equally important Rules for Life according to Cherie by clicking here.

Year 5 Top Band Naplan Achievers 2016

NAPLAN Top Band Achievers

At ATC we place value in recognising the successes of our boys across myriad endeavours. Celebrating success helps build momentum around learning and gives boys the confidence that they can tackle challenges. It also promotes a culture of academic strive, which is key to outcomes.

Year 9 NAPLAN Top Band Achievers 2016

In the last few weeks, 121 students who achieved top band success in the NAPLAN tests, were publically congratulated in Year Level Assemblies. Well done to all of the students who strived to achieve their very best.

Year 7 NAPLAN Top Band Achievers 2016

Wishing our families all the best for the break – may it be a book-filled holiday and full of opportunities to learn and grow.

Mrs Ros Peters, Information Services Coordinator