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Learning can be Electrifying

You may have been watching our Facebook page over recent weeks and seen the Science work that Year 6 have been doing. It has been centred around the topic of ‘It’s Electrifying’ and this week the unit peaked with the theme of Capacitors. The students had met the capacitor in a previous experiment while learning about electricity generation and the conversion of AC to DC. But this week was different!

The majority of groups successfully built a circuit that started with their familiar LED and protection resistor. The capacitor was added and when the switch was pressed the LED lit up and then faded due to the capacitor storing up charge. A second circuit with another LED and resistor was added and this started from the capacitor, in parallel with the first. When switched on, the capacitor released its voltage and the LED came on brightly and then faded as the capacitor ran out of charge.

The Year 6 groups were excellent in completing circuits, often by finding small faults that hindered the branches working and numerous students could explain the two stages of this circuit. Next week sees the Year 6 classes complete their written science exam and their practical exam. We hope all students approach these with confidence, assured that they have done adequate preparation and study. Best of luck to all students during exam block.

Greg Quinn
Assistant Dean of Learning