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Learning in STEM at ATC

The following video demonstrates the passion and enthusiasm our boys have for STEM and come from one of the Junior Robotics sessions. There is so much to like about this video as it typifies the best approach to STEM. The students are utilising aspects of Maths, Science and IT to solve problems.

The boys were required to complete a number of robotics challenges in the afternoon with the support of a middle school student. They showed great persistence in completing challenges and learned a lot about the design process.
The older boys exemplified the service aspect of life at ATC by giving up their time to work with the younger students and developed their leadership skills over the course of the 6 weeks. Follow this link to view:

Online maths tutorials – Microsoft Office MIX
In the interest of helping the boys with their homework and with catching up missed lessons, online tutorials are being created for content studied this term. I’d encourage the boys to access these videos on their Seqta pages whenever they are revising, experiencing difficulty with questions or struggling to understand a concept. Videos such as these are readily available on YouTube however we have found them to be much more effective when produced by a teacher, familiar to the boys, in a “Flipped Learning” situation. An example can be found here:

A focus in Science this year has been to give the boys more practice at working scientifically and to develop a thorough understanding of the scientific process and report. This has resulted in many experiments and dissections taking place. Year 6 students have been working in the middle school labs creating electrical circuits and are now quite adept at soldering. Year 7 students will be conducting an experiment into forces and motion at a V8 supercars session next Friday and will then use that knowledge in the construction of their mouse-trap racers. Many toads and pigs gave their lives in the name of Science to help the year 8 students gain a better understanding of body systems. Finally, year 9 students explored the transfer of heat energy in the production and testing of their solar ovens.
Need a hand, Build a hand, Lend a hand?

Ambrose Treacy College is providing students with an opportunity to work with people who have had the misfortune of having been born with or lost parts of limbs. We are looking at working with Enable Community Foundation which is an organisation that provides links with people who need a prosthetic limb and people with 3D printers. The goal is for students to work with people by designing prosthetics that address their needs with the advantage of there being no cost to them as they can run into a significant amount of money (in some cases up to $60 000).

Prototypes of Robotic hands.

Students will be doing a real community service as part of an extracurricular activity. The people benefiting from their work are real and the results could be significant for all parties involved. This could be an opportunity for your sons to work in a 3D environment and see how it relates to medical applications. They will also be able to take part in competitions which relate to specific elements of prosthetic design, with prises given and the possibility of having their designs being used in the real world. Keep an eye on future newsletters for information on how to get involved.

Lego League competition held at QUT's Cube

ATC will once again be entering two middle school teams in the First Lego League competition at the Cube, QUT. Training begins in Week 6 (17 August) with some lunch sessions prior to the challenge being released on 30 August. Teams then have 10 weeks to build and program a robot to compete at the competition. This year’s challenge is entitled ‘Animal Allies’. Additional information about the challenge can be found at
We are limited to 20 students taking part in the competition so interested students are asked to register here: and keep an eye on their emails for meeting times.