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Labs are the Playground for a Curious Mind

I think all museums should be directed toward 12-year-old boys. They’re the brightest group you can find and this is the age when you can arouse their curiosity and interest. — Margaret Mead

Science in schools should be a playground for a curious mind. It is a place where procedures can be replicated to show an effect. Hypothesising is valued, and experimenting is critical. There is little wonder as to why boys love science. Their natural curiosity as to why things are formulates questions that swirl in their mind. It is this reason teachers can often not finish an instruction without being bombarded by hands of inquiring young minds. Science in primary schools allows them to try things, see the results and try again should something not worked fully. In our primary school, it is a playground for the curious mind.

This term, year 5 boys engaged with experiments to show light sources and how these can be harnessed. Big Bang Science Education provided the tools and the experiments for the boys. They were able to play with many different experiments to illustrate the properties of light. Light is so critical to things that we do everyday and probably something we don’t give a lot of thought towards unless it is absent. It travels at speed, it can be reflected and coloured. These were all components explored by our year 5 boys. Through hands-on experiments, the learning and the processes become real and allow students to understand difficult and intangible concepts.

Throughout the year, Year 6 boys have had access to the Science labs in the Middle School. Having this opportunity is not something offered at many other schools, and the guidance and experience of Mr Greg Quinn on how to create dynamic experiments is extraordinarily valuable. During this term, they have engaged with chemistry and observed chemical reactions.

In our video below, students explain how they have explored and engaged in the wonder of science:

We love science at ATC and we hope that we can instill in our boys some of the wonder it provides. Moreover, we hope that the science lab is a place for the curious minds in our classrooms.

Gavin Baumber
Junior School Learning and Curriculum Leader