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Keep Up the Good Delivery

ATC teams acquitted themselves well in school cricket on Saturday against a mix of BBC, GT and internal teams. 9B, 6D Blue and 5A remain undefeated after two rounds. Year 4 teams commenced their junior club cricket season on Saturday with the five teams playing at home against each other and Albany Creek. ATC Cork and ATC Galway played out a thrilling tie.

A number of teams worked their way into position to win the match but failed to capitalise. Players certainly need to keep the good delivery out when batting but must be prepared to play an attacking stroke when the loose delivery presents. Too many deliveries are passing by unpunished down the leg side. On the other side of the ledger, too many deliveries are going down the leg side when ATC is bowling and batsmen from the other teams are jumping all over these deliveries to score runs. Our line must improve to make it harder for the opposition batsmen to score and keep the number of wides/sundries to a minimum.

Notable performances were Tate Burton (4/3 from 2 overs for 7B v BBC – 3 bowled and 1 LBW), DJ Childs (4/2 & 20* for 5A v 5B), Hamish McCarthy (4/11 & 23 for ATC Cork v ATC Galway) and Ben Mills Plowman (3/12 for 9B against BBC).

Parents are requested to provide coaches and Year Level Coordinators with as much notice as possible in regard to absences. Obviously, this is not possible with Saturday morning illness but boys can be shifted between teams to ensure maximum participation on match day if absences are known in advance.

Morning Skills Sessions

Morning skills training has commenced. Whilst team training is compulsory, these trainings are optional and open to boys of all Year levels. Boys can choose to attend none, one, two or all three morning skills trainings. No registration is required nor a permanent commitment. Skills training will be conducted 6:45am-8:00am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 110 boys attended batting and fast bowling skills training on Tuesday and coach numbers will be increased from next week to meet this demand. 62 boys attended batting and spin bowling skills training on Wednesday whilst 45 boys attended fielding and wicket keeping skills training on Thursday. Fielding is one discipline where ATC teams certainly must improve to compete with noted cricketing schools. We simply don’t throw, catch, back-up, position and anticipate well enough as a cohort. I would hope that Thursday morning numbers increase considerably.

Intensives Program

The Cricket Intensives program, led by Mr Gary Jones, will be conducted 3:15pm-4:45pm Monday afternoons at Jack Bowers Oval. This is an opportunity for boys of all Year groups and standards to gain a little extra cricket coaching during the week.  No registration is required nor commitment to attend every Monday. A boy may feel he needs help with his bowling action or forward defence or catching etc. He would be able to go down to the nets on a Monday afternoon and receive some tuition from a qualified HCA coach from 3:15pm.  He may be there for 30 minutes, an hour, or the entire period.  It does not matter but it is a user pays system and the cost is $20.00. Coaching could be in the form of one on one, small group or large group, depending on the number of boys attending and the aspect of their game requiring attention.

Mr Brett Henschell, Cricket Coordinator