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Over a coffee last Sunday morning I was talking to my dad about the end of my son Eli’s rugby season. For the past 3 years I have been roped into coaching his team each Friday night and Saturday morning. Friday evening training with 13 of my closest 7 year old friends, fresh after a week of captivity in the classroom ranges between wildly frustrating and immensely enjoyable.

The first two years in particular were very challenging, however in the past season, together with 3 other dads, we have seen the boys and girls in our team develop into great little rugby players and mates. As Dad and I were talking he mentioned a prayer reflection that was shared with his school community by one of his staff members who has a son at ATC. With her permission, I would like to share this reflection with you. I would reiterate the point that sport at ATC is just a vehicle and for those who are sport-minded, no doubt you can draw a parallel to perhaps scouts, cadets, environmental groups, martial arts, chess or other quality co-curricular endeavours. Given our recent highly successful Queensland Catholic Colleges Musical Festival, you might wish to substitute your own observations of your child’s journey in music into this reflection.

Thank you everyone for joining me in prayer this morning. I guess the theme of my prayer today is simply; `being grateful for my own children’. My mornings start with a 6am scoot up the Centenary Highway to get my children to their sporting commitments, sometimes detouring via ‘Macca’s drive- thru’ for brekky, followed by the same process in the afternoon, often not getting home til 6pm. Like many of you, I have some non-sporting friends and family members that regularly ask, `Why do you invest so much money and time into running your children around to play sport?’ Similar to many other parents who have shared their reasons on social media lately, (many of which I have included as I couldn’t have said it better), I also have included some of my personal reasons;

1. I pay for those moments when my children become so tired they feel like quitting but they don’t
2. I pay for the life-long friends they make
3. I pay for the Saturday evenings when I can finally have a glass of champers as there is no sport on a Sunday
4. I pay for the amazing coaches who give up their own family time for my children
5. I pay for my children to learn to be disciplined and respect their body
6. I pay for the hours I spend rubbing Napisan on grass stains and mud from the Brisbane River – surely that is sign of a good week in sport
7. I pay for my children to learn to work with others and to be proud, supportive and respectful team members
8. I pay for the moments when expensive sunglasses are lost in the Brisbane River because my son was helping his friend with a `snag’
9. I pay for the moments when my daughter is spotted by Brisbane Heat scouts but declines the offer as she knows she is not quite ready yet
10. I pay for my children to learn to deal with disappointment, when they don’t get that try, drop the ball, see the fish swim away, but still gets up and is determined to do BETTER next time
11. I pay for the moments I actually get to `sit’ for hours on end watching them have fun whilst reading the Saturday Paper and working on the tan
12. I pay for the moments spent in `Emergency’ and your child says, “Only stitches this time Mum, that’s good news – and when we get out of here can we get Macca’s on the way home?”
13. I pay for the moments my children shake their coaches hand at the end of a game and join their team mates in a war cry – acknowledging mateship
14. I pay for my children to realise a champion is not made overnight
15. I pay so that my children can be on a pitch, court, field or in a swimming pool instead of in front of a screen
16. I pay for the huge food bill knowing I am nourishing my child’s body whilst supporting our Aussie farmers
17. I pay for the opportunities that sport provides my children to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their life, and give them opportunities to bless the lives of others.”

That is better than any `Lotto’ win!

And whilst prayer doesn’t often appear in my blog, I would also like to share with you the prayer that she shared with her community as I think it is one that we can all relate to.

As our children go out in the world each day,
I pray they’re in God’s keeping and out of harm’s way.
as i give themmy heart and the of my love,
I pray for the wisdom that comes from above.
May they learn all the things they will need to know,
to help keep them sage as they continue to grow.
To help them become all they were mant to be…this is what i beseech of thee.
To give them the knowledge, to show them the way, to help keepthem safe while they grow and they play.
This is all I ask for and all that I pray…
to keep our children safe as they begin each new day.’

Live Jesus in our Hearts… Forever

Co-curricular Sport

Please follow the link below to download TWIS, your full week of sport in one document. All information is also on the College app and be aware that any chances or updates are posted on the App.

Primary Basketball
Our Primary Basketball Program has had a very successful season to this point. Across all teams we have a large number of boys showing improvements on a week to week basis and it is very easy to see once games have commenced. Our Year 6 cohort has extremely impressive depth in their basketball teams with competitive performances from our A team all the way down to our D team, with our 6D team leading the way with three wins for the season. The Year 5 boys have been a pleasure to work with this season, the 5C and 5D teams have improved beyond belief since their games for the season with a number of these boys playing basketball for the very first time. Our 5B team has managed some very close games and have come away with a win while our 5A team is leading the way with three wins for the season. We are looking forward to watching the final three weeks of the season to continue to see our boys grow and develop as basketballers.

Supplementary Basketball
The Supplementary basketball has offered our Middle and Senior School boys the opportunity to play a competitive yet social standard of basketball throughout Term 3. Our teams have played a number of schools from around Brisbane on Saturday mornings and our teams have produced fantastic results. Our Year 9 and 10 Supplementary teams have both won three of their games for the season including a couple of nail biters against boys who are older and physically bigger than them. Our Year 7 & 8 teams have seen great participation numbers for the season and have enjoyed their experience playing basketball, some for the first time. It is pleasing to watch these boys enjoy their basketball on a weekly basis as they look to improve to push into the club system for 2018.

Club Basketball
Our club basketballers have been working hard throughout the season starting with camp in the holidays and continuing with two training sessions a week for the season. Our boys have produced some impressive results to start the season with both our U17A and U15A teams going undefeated through the start of their Division Two competitions following three weeks of grading. Our U17B team has been one of the big improvers for the season, almost pulling off a miracle comeback on the weekend to fall a few seconds short. Our U15 Green and White teams have been brilliantly mentored over the course of the season as the boys have developed basic fundamentals and game knowledge which has been evident during their weekly fixtures. We are very excited to see these boys move throughout the rest of their season and into finals in Term 4.

Sport Education Evening – TONIGHT
This evening we are welcoming Jenny Campbell, mother of Olympic Swimmers Cate and Bronte Campbell, as well as Cate Campbell to speak to our community about the challenges and joys of raising children in a sporting context. Once per semester we invite people to speak to our families to share their story, a little wisdom and to raise some conversations around sport, boys and a lifelong engagement in physical activity and healthy lifestyles. This is a casual event that is open to all members of our community. The talk will be held in the Chapel, 6.15pm arrival for a 6.30pm start. Light refreshments will be served and the evening will finish at 7.30pm. No need to RSVP, please feel very welcome to come along. Follow the link below to download the Info Flyer.

ATC Sport Socks
The School Locker has the new ATC Blue Calf Length Sport Socks in stock ready to purchase for $8.50. These socks are a part of the ATC HPE uniform and from 2018 onwards will be compulsory for interschool volleyball and basketball. The School Locker is still stocking the existing white ATC ankle sock. Boys can choose to wear either the blue calf length sock or the white ankle sock with their HPE uniform.

Co-curricular Music

The ATC Formal Music Concert will be held this Saturday evening at ERPAC, St. Laurence’s College and full details of the event are on the College App. Follow the link below to download the Info Flyer.

Co-curricular Clubs – Art Club

This term Art Club students have been busy preparing Jazz by the River mascot Abbey the Cow. Abbey has been dressed in her finest tuxedo that is adorned with imagery inspired by the quirky lyrics of popular songs performed by the Beatles – Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields and Octopus’s Garden to name a few. Further to this, students have been working hard to complete a collection of Pop Art inspired canvases featuring the faces of John, George, Paul and Ringo. You may even find one of your favourite Beatles album covers to feature on your wall at home. Be sure to view the auction items produced by the students involved in Art Club and place your bid to secure your own Beatles inspired artwork. All money raised will go towards the purchase of display boards to feature artwork throughout the College celebrating students’ achievements. It has been a delightful way to end Art Club for 2017 and we look forward to meeting our new members of Art Club in 2018. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Shantelle Kerwin for her work in liaising with parents and organising student lists each term.

Dave Capra, Director of Co-curricular Activities