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It's Time to Sweat the Small Stuff!

Staff Blogger Paul Towner
Head of Munster House

On Sunday 31 May 2020, two astronauts climbed aboard Elon Musk’s space X rocket and left our planet to dock with the International Space Station. Within five minutes of leaving our atmosphere the first meme came through.

“Congratulations to the astronauts that left earth today. Good choice”. With everything that is happening in 2020, as amusing as that meme may seem, it rings true in many peoples view. With drought, fires, flood, COVID, Lockdown, deaths in custody, rioting and the like, there is a lot on our collective subconscious. How do we ask young men to focus or even to catch their breath? With one simple mantra: It’s time to sweat the small stuff.

With cataclysmic events seeming a daily occurrence, control what you can control. The small stuff. Make your bed in the morning; this accomplishes something early in the day before many have even awoken. When you look in the mirror and you see you need to shave or have a haircut. Do it. Don’t wait for your homeroom or Formation teacher to tell you. Pull up your socks and tuck in your shirt. You can control that. Sweat the small stuff.

At school, keep that shirt in and your socks up. Show that you respect the environment and our grounds staff by putting your rubbish in the bin. Place your bag and phone in your locker at the beginning of the day. Be prepared for every lesson by remembering your pens and books.

Sweat the small stuff. If you are unsure of class work; put your hand up; send the teacher an email. Sweat the small stuff.

Sweat the small stuff. When you get home, make your evening plan for study and homework.

Sweat the small stuff. Start with the work you know you can get done. Tick them off your list.

Sweat the small stuff. Remember to charge your laptop overnight ready for work the next day.

Sweat the small stuff. Tell your family and your friends that you love them and take the time to listen to them.

Sweat the small stuff. Eliminate distractions by turning your phone off or putting it in another room.

Sweat the small stuff. Take responsibility for your learning and avoid watching youtube clips when you are meant to be studying.

Sweat the small stuff. Don’t just read over your textbook, take notes and bullet point important information in your workbook.

When we accomplish the small tasks, the bigger ones seem closer to reach.

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