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It's Electrifying

Students in the new 'Red Lab' investigating soldering skills

Year 6 have “Electricity as a source of energy” as their Science unit for Term 2. They will investigate the lives of Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Kirchhoff, Tesla, Westinghouse, Hertz, and Stockley as they learn how electricity was generated and then used.

Their practical work will be one day a week in the new “Red Labs” in the centre of the Kilkenny building and will attempt to give students skills and understanding in soldering, series and parallel circuits, ohmic and non- ohmic gadgets, potentiometers and the use of diodes as lights and rectifiers.

The soldering in Week 1 was a big success with little collateral damage to fresh fingers while many wires were skilfully connected with a hot mixture of tin and lead.

The Year 6 teachers have been impressed with the patience of their students to learn the new information and their care and respect for the new facilities.

Dave Sullivan, Year 6 Co-ordinator
Greg Quinn, Science teacher