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In Person

As teenagers we love social media. Snapchat, Insta and the occasional Facebook are the platforms of choice. However last Thursday, the Year 10 boys from ATC joined with the Year 10 girls from Brigidine and met in a new way; in person, partaking in the St Vincent DeFormal. The event aimed to raise money and awareness for Vinnies and promote their story, as well as being a perfect ice-breaker for the students from both Colleges.

Three days prior to the event, St Vincent De Paul hosted a pop-up shop in the Xavier Centre for students to purchase items of clothing to wear on the night. Not only did this help raise nearly $3000 across both Colleges, it also created a more relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere on the night. Although our nerves were high, our social awkwardness was minimal and the lack of formality gave the whole evening a very relaxed vibe and made it very enjoyable.

Beginning at 4pm, we sat down in pairs for a speed-meeting – a 2 minute chat with each person. It was a brilliant way to meet and get to know people! From asking girls what their favourite TV show was, to what they would do if stranded on a deserted island, it was more humorous and less embarrassing than being forced into a formal setting. To finish the speed-meeting, a team of volunteers cooked burgers for our dinner then we had the chance to sit down and chat without the timer buzzing. The clothing was a great topic of conversation, as there was a wide variety of fashions (I use that term loosely) being sported by both boys and girls from onesies to tradie vests and hawaiian shirts to suits.

We were then assigned random tables to compete in a small trivia game. We got to know each other and bond in a team environment, working together to find answers of which we didn’t have a clue. The night ended with a small, but very loud party in the Nudgee Junior Hall. The main lights were dimmed, the coloured strobe lights turned on and illuminating the dance floor. With a variety of music chosen by the Brigidine girls, we danced (as best we could) for what seemed like hours before finally heading home.

The St Vincent Deformal was a great chance to not only meet with some of the Brigidine girls but to also raise money for a very worthy cause.

Mitch Bradshaw Year 10 Student