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Howzat for a Season Starter!

One of the oldest sports in the world, having originated hundreds of years ago in England, Cricket has become hugely popular at ATC. Apart from developing physical fitness, hand eye coordination, stamina and balance, cricket also promotes team skills, cooperation and learning how to cope with winning and losing. The latter can be a hard skill to aquire for a typical competitive boy!

Winning matches, whilst pleasing, is not the focus in Term 4 Junior Club cricket and coaches make every effort over the course of the term season to provide each boy equal opportunity with bat and ball. Term 4 cricket is played in a participation model within a competitive environment. The emphasis of our Term 4 club cricket is skill development through pre-season skill sessions, holiday clinics, team training sessions and match play.

Term 1 school cricket is played in a competitive model. At the end of the Term 4 season, coaches provide a rating for batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping for each boy and these ratings are used to form teams for the Trial Round. Players are placed in Year Level teams from A to F and movement between teams is based on Trial and Practice Rounds which then forms the teams for Round 1. We don’t always get it right but, hopefully, movement between teams is minimized from Round 2 onward and limited primarily to absences. Boys can then settle into making strong friendships with players in their team and likewise, the parents can get to know one another which is an integral part of the the ATC friend-raising ethos.

ATC cricket has been very successful since inception in 2014. The College has enjoyed strong representation in MetWest and Brisbane North teams and a couple of boys have gone on to represent Queensland in their age group. Strategies are in place to keep this momentum going. The ATC cricket coaches hold a minimum Cricket Australia Level 1 Coach Accreditation which means that our players are being mentored by coaches who will help them become not only more skillful, but also guarantee more enjoyment from their cricket.

As always, I’m impressed by the level of involvement from our parents. To our new parents I say don’t be shy! Have a crack at scoring or umpiring during Term 4 Junior Club cricket season. It’s a great way to meet new friends and become familiar with the game. And remember, mistakes are not critical in this participation model and we are all constantly learning from our mistakes!

Happy cricketing! Remember to check the College App for all updates, weekly game draw, training schedule. For the full gallery of Saturday’s game photos go to the College Facebook page.

Brett Henschell Cricket Coordinator.