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How do you rate success?

Prior to the holidays, I wrote about the different ways we can measure success. The crux of the article was the process, the outcome and the after-effect of any event all contribute to the way in which we talk about success.
This week we have had athletes at the West Taylor Bridge Track and Field Trials, running, jumping and throwing amongst the best athletes in our district to gain representative selection. In terms of success, we have had many boys win events including Peter Ullman, Luke Rivalland and Cooper Beachy-Head and not surprisingly, we have had over half of our squad selected into the district side to compete at regional trials next month. The vast majority of our athletes achieved personal bests in their chosen events.

Can we rate the carnival as having been a success? Absolutely! It has also been successful for reasons other than placings. Our boys are constantly challenged to be up-standers and not by-standers. They are challenged to be men of action and to be empathetic, kind and to look out for those around them. I was very pleased to receive an email from an ATC parent who was attending the event as a staff member from another school. Here is an excerpt which brings to light an incident involving two of our boys:

I am sure this story has been passed on to you by your staff however, I felt it was really important that someone from the broader community also make an acknowledgement. While I was working in the official’s tent today at WTB Felix Galluzo (Year 7) came to seek First Aid for a boy that he had seen fall off a high wall and was unable to move. While many of his age could get caught in the excitement, he was very calm and precise and once he knew help was on the way rushed back to the injured child. Upon her return, the First Aid Officer relayed to us just how impressed she was with Felix and fellow ATC student Ben Figallo (Year 7). Felix held the injured boy’s head still while he was being assessed and continued to encourage and say calming words to him until he was taken away by ambulance. The maturity and responsibility that Felix and Ben displayed was above and beyond what you would expect from boys of their age and deserves recognition from us all. All the officials were very impressed and they displayed the great qualities of an ATC gentleman. Both boys were highly praised by the officials and First Aid staff. Please pass on my congratulations to both boys on their amazing show of character today.’

We have many reasons to be proud of our boys and this is a simple, yet significant example of the effect that our boys can, will and do have on our world. Congratulations to both Felix and Ben for being mature men of action, empathy and consideration for those around them. Congratulations also to all our athletes for great performances at the trials!

On another note, our Year 8 and 9 debaters have been achieving at a very high standard and last night competed in the knockout stage of the QDU competition. After defeating a very strong Villanova College team last week, our Year 8 team comprising of Atticus Solomon, Sam Jones and Anton Kelly lost narrowly last night despite a very strong performance. Our Year 9 team of Tom Perissinotto, Sam Carr, Mitchell Bradshaw, Ewan Smith and Lachlan Shanahan won last night and now go through to the next round of the knockout championships. They are down to 16 teams now out of 250 teams. Congratulations to both teams for achieving such a high standard against strong opposition!

Cocurricular Music
We welcome Mr Michael Bannon back from his Practicum session in Classroom Music with Mr Goopy. All students in instrumental, choral and bells are working towards the big festival for Catholic Colleges coming up 17 – 20 August. The schedule for QCMF is already posted on the APP and there will be individual ensemble messages posted on the App Sunday evening with full details of the event. Students of Trumpet have been having their AMEB, the Australian Music Examination Board exams this week and we congratulation boys on getting to this point in their instrumental work. The Brass Ensemble performed on Junior School Assembly this week and played a rendition of the BATMAN theme was fantastic preparation for their QCMF performance and the ATC Choir performed at The Cathedral of St. Stephen in Sunday’s opening mass for Catholic Education Week. See them on Facebook! In staffing news, Mr Mark Charters, our Drumming expert, is currently performing in the hit musical The Bodyguard, now playing at QPAC. If you are going to see this musical, be sure to look out for and listen to the drumming!

Joe Khan taking expert instruction from our Chess teacher.

Cocurricular Activities and Clubs
ATC Chess
Chess club moves into high gear this term and it’s great to see so many boys ready for some more critical thinking and brain challenges. Did you know that as a chess player prepares for a move, the brain racks through all those previously played games, moves and choices. The player then subconsciously sifts through patterns and strategies learned from the hours of lessons and then makes a snap decision. Famous chess player, Carlsen once said “The thing that helps you improve the most is just playing, practicing, playing tournament games and playing games online. Practice is your intuition, practice is your calculation, practice is everything.” And so, we are lucky to have many of the Middle and Senior school chess players volunteer to coach the younger players on a Thursday morning. If your son is interested in learning chess encourage him to come along to our free 1 hour service every Thursday morning in Mt Sion Library starting at 7.20am. Two major chess events are also happening this term which ALL students of ATC are encouraged to join. HOUSE CHAMPIONSHIPS are starting Monday 31 July through to Thursday 3 August in the NJC hall during 2nd break. The ATC SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held on Monday 14 August 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

Best of luck to everyone involved in sport and music this weekend. Warriors go Brach.

Dave Capra, Director of Cocurricular Activities