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How Do You Measure Success?

Miss Little and her team.

It’s the age-old question. What is the best way to measure success? From our school point of view, should it be the silverware in our cabinets in the music and sport offices? Is it the number of teams we enter competitions? Is it the percentage of students participating in programs? Is it our win/loss ratio? Is it the number of Golds we bring home from Queensland Colleges Music Festival?

These are definitely answers that people might say are a fair summary of how success could be defined in co-curricular life at ATC. However, the terms hollow or shallow victories hint at the qualitative nature of success. I believe that success, like failure is a deeply personal thing. The reality also is that if we use one or two specific criteria by which to assess the level at which a person, team, program or organisation succeeds, more often than not, failure is the result. Take World Cup Soccer for example. If winning the World Cup were the only measure of success, every four years there would indeed be one very happy country and dozens of devastated countries. For the Socceroos, qualifying for the World Cup is a success in itself and whilst I hope to see the day when the Socceroos get to lift the Cup, it is pretty unlikely. Success is personal and multi-faceted.

Year 5 Soccer team celebrate a goal!

For us at ATC, success is a deeply personal thing. With over 35 football teams across Rugby, AFL and Soccer across multiple venues and days, I rarely get to see all teams play in a season. Last Saturday however, on the last football round of the year, I was lucky to see Ms Little’s 6C soccer team play. For Ms Little and these boys, success cannot be viewed in terms of traditional means such as win/loss ratio or goals scored. When as a C team they often play against other C teams whose players are the ‘3rd best’ in an age group of 5-7 teams, the standard that they face is extremely high. So, was it a successful season? The answer is an overwhelming yes and here are a couple of reasons that I and the season-long supporters saw:
- The attitude was hugely positive
- The camaraderie and school spirit was evident
- The boys’ fitness and skill level have improved significantly over the season
- The boys enjoy each other’s company and are learning life’s challenges through sport
- The boys were clearly having a great time!
- Despite a narrow loss (2-1), the war cry was a winner!

Likewise, there has been a highly successful program happening once a week this year which has received no attention. If assessed using the traditional criteria, it may be a failure! Every Monday morning, Daniel Woodrow Year 9, coaches Josh Bassett Year 5 in swimming (see photo above). Josh is a lively and intelligent young fella who learns and perceives differently to others and Daniel is a national swimming gold medallist who is quiet, determined and intelligent. Together, the two have worked as a team (Josh’s words) to improve Josh’s swimming to a standard where he is comfortably swimming laps. Next term, Josh is looking forward to timing his swimming by way of getting regular feedback to keep him motivated (and measure his success). No silverware will land in our cabinets; no records will be broken and no medals will be awarded for this program. Yet the success that both boys feel through their involvement in this is evident in the friendship formed and the confidence that both are gaining from the experience. Like success, leadership takes on many forms and both boys are blazing a trail for the ATC sporting community that we hope will grow to be part of the fabric of our programs moving forwards. Term 2 has, as always, been a busy one. From a co-curricular point of view it has been a massive success, I will leave it to you to fill in the gaps as to why!

A tough and slippery game for U16 AFL team.

I’m heading off fishing and camping with family and friends for two weeks. I won’t be judging the success by the number of fish we catch; I can’t handle that level of failure! Thanks for your support of the ATC Co-curricular program, I hope everyone had an opportunity for some family time together.

Junior Clarinet ensemble

Co-curricular Music

Congratulations to all students involved in the Winter Music Evening. The energy enthusiasm and standard from all the students in the various ensembles was outstanding. As a Junior School Co-curricular music program, all students are to be congratulated on their behaviour, performances and team work in presenting a high level of performances at Tuesday night’s concert. It is also very encouraging to have an array of ensembles at ATC. From the beginner students to those in their third year, there were ten ensembles that performed. The Concert commenced with the Handbell Ensemble 1, performing with students as young as 8, followed by the Junior Choir who had just been awarded with a Gold at the QYMA and were selected for the finals a week prior; the Junior Band made their Debut Concert and it was wonderful to hear how far they have come from learning their first notes ‘Hot Cross Buns’ in term 1 to learning a full program of music in under eight weeks!

The Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble entertained us with vibrant performances that may have induced quite a bit of toe tapping from the audience whilst the Brass Ensemble led us down memory lane with our favourite movie tunes from Jurassic Park and Dances with Wolves. The Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Ensembles almost subdued the audience into a false sense of relaxation only to be awakened abruptly from our TAIKO drummers ending the night with a spectacular performance of Hanabai. Thank you to all our Music Support mums and dads who made the night welcoming and quite special by providing the hospitality. To see the full gallery of photos from the night please go to the ATC Facebook page.

All rehearsals and lessons will resume on the first day of term 3. Remember to get your tickets to see the ATC Chamber Choir performing in the Pemulwuy! National Male Voices Festival concert on Sunday 2 July at the QPAC Concert Hall by clicking here.

Co-curricular Sport

Semester 2 Sign On
The Semester Two Sports Sign on through the ATC App has now closed. If you have missed the sign on and wish to sign your son up for a sport, please email the Sports Administration Officer Lisa Mortlock or the Head of Sport Nathan Burgess no later than Friday 23 June to ensure your son is included in the sport. There is a comprehensive document on the ATC App with information on each Sport offered in Semester Two.

Holiday Basketball Camp
The ATC Holiday Basketball Camp will be held from Wednesday 5 July to Friday 7 July at Centenary SHS. Information regarding the camp will be emailed to those students participating.

Co-curricular Clubs

Robotics in the Middle School
Robotics at ATC is exploding. There has been a huge uptake in the amount of students wanting to learn robotics engineering and develop their skills in programming. Year 7 and 8 students have been investigating using loops and sensor blocks to create line following programs and to complete a maze. Year 9 and 10 students have been engineering solutions to building problems and preparing for the upcoming FIRST Lego League regionals, which will commence late November. Robotics is the world’s fasting growing industry, set to hit 135 billion US dollars in 2019. Can you really afford not to learn how to code? The club meets every Thursday from 3:10 until 4:10 in K206 and team selections will start term 3. If you are interested in joining please email Mr Moss. To quote Wall-e: ‘Wall-e’!

Have a great weekend!

Dave Capra, Director of Co-curricular Activities