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House of Activity

The Ambrose Treacy College House system was officially launched after our Opening Mass in Term 1 with a House assembly. Each House met in a different area of the school and practiced their war cries, participated in some games and learned some history about the mascot of each House. The Year 10 House Captains were instrumental in leading the war cries and assisting with the organisation of the assembly and they should be commended for this.

House History

Leinster is famous for many stories and characters throughout Irish mythology. The Leinster Giant is inspired from a giant hunter-warrior named Fionmac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool) known for his brave adventures as leader of the Fianna warriors. Determined, intelligent and loyal, all virtues put to the test at Dodgeball on Friday which gave Leinster house the win.

Munster is famous for its legendary kings and castles. The most famous was Brian Boru who was the last High King of Ireland and the greatest military leader the country has known. Power, strategy and unity were the tactics used to give Munster House 2nd place.

Ulster is famous for its rebels who strive for justice and freedom throughout Irish mythology. The Ulster Rebel is inspired from the Irish mythological hero CĂș Chulainn who is the most famous of Irish Warriors. Third place for the relentless, selfless and athletic Ulster Rebels saw them hungry for a win in Term 1 2018.

Connacht is famous for its saints and scholarship. The Connacht Saint is inspired by St Brendan of Clonfert known for his bold voyages in pursuit of excellence in faith and scholarship. The virtues of bravery and thoughtfulness were clear and present at the House competition last week.

As the year has progressed, boys have represented their Houses in a variety of activities like tug-o-war, dodgeball, chess, swimming and rugby sevens. These activities allowed boys to earn points for their House while also developing the spirit and comradery within their group. Thank you to the P&F for preparing, cooking and serving the sausage sizzle at House lunches throughout the year and the year 10 House Captains for their leadership and mentoring. Even though we are all part of one College the boys are proud to represent their House and passionate about their identity.

On Friday there was excitement in the air as the final House activity of the year on Jack Bowers oval was being held. Dodgeball was the game and house points were to gain. Each House was divided into their year levels and they played in a 4-minute winner takes all game. As you can see from the photos, the competition was fierce! Leinster were the overall winners, with Munster 2nd, Ulster 3rd and Connacht in 4th place. More important than the points tally, the boys were excited and enthusiastic about playing for their House and there have been some healthy rivalries develop over the course of the year. We look forward to welcoming the Year 9 students to the House system which replaces their Homerooms.

Mr Matthew Ribeiro, Year 8 Nolan Homeroom Teacher.