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House Debating Competition 2016

The inaugural ATC Debating Competition is being set up in week 1 and then runs through weeks 2, 3 and 4 with the Final on Friday 6 May. The debates will be held in the Hall, each for about 15 minutes. Each speech will run for the duration of two – three minutes.


• Each House (colour) Debate Team will include one member from Year 4, 5, or 6 and one member from Year 7 and one member from Year 8 or 9

• Once teams are selected, they will be managed by four student leaders from Cultural and Academic positions


A Tuckshop voucher for each member of each winning team each round.


Debaters and student managers meeting on Thursday 14th April 12.45 pm in Hall.

Topics and dates

• Tuesday 19 April: “Superman is better than Batman”. (adjudicator in brackets) Green v Gold (GQU) and Red v Blue (GQU)

• Tuesday 26 April: “Society has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities”.

Green v Blue (GQU) and Red v Gold (GQU)

• Tuesday 3 May: “Reality television shows should be banned”. Green v Red (KLI) and Gold v Blue (KLI)

• Friday 6 May: “That we should ban “ad blocker” software

House Debating Final (KLI and GQU)

Please direct any general enquiries to Mr Greg Quinn Debating Coordinator