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House Debate Competition 2016

This competition was run through Weeks 2, 3 and 4 with the Final held last Friday. The debate speeches ran for two to three minutes each. Each House (colour) Debate Team aimed to include one member from Year 4, 5, or 6,
one member from Year 7, one member from Year 8 or 9. The topics were
Tuesday 19 April: “Superman is better than Batman”.
Tuesday 26 April: “Society has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities”.
Tuesday 3 May: “Reality television shows should be banned”.
At the Final on Friday the topic was “That we should ban “ad blocker” software.

The Green team won on the day. Congratulations to their team members were Max Stevens (Year 6), Oliver Cook (Year 7) and Raj Jethwa (Year 8). The Blue team who also contested the final consisted of Rory Wells (Year 6) and Liam Killen(Year 7) who made a good showing. As a first time event for the College, the competition was considered a success but ideas for improving the format for next year and underway. Thank you to all students who took part in this years competition.

Mr Greg Quinn, Debate Coordinator