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Historical Dress Day

On Monday 15 October all staff and students are encouraged to dress in period costumes that reflect the fashions over the past 80 years.

On 10 July 1938, a long cherished dream of the Christian Brothers was realised with the opening of Nudgee Junior College and thus began the first 76 years of education on this site in Indooroopilly. Over the course of 80 years, fashions and styles have come and gone. We have moved from the 20th century formal fashions of men wearing hats, ties and suit coats and women wearing gloves, hats and matching shoes and handbags to a more relaxed way of dressing in the 21st century.

So we have each decade represented, students and staff are encouraged to choose outfits from these eras:

  • Year 4 will dress in 1930’s
  • Year 5 in 1940’s
  • Year 6 in 1950’s
  • Year 7 in 1960’s
  • Year 8 in 1970’s
  • Year 9 in 1980’s
  • Year 10 in blue and white (NJC colours)
  • Year 11 in blue, white and green (ATC colours)

If students choose to not dress in period costume, they are to come to school in normal Monday uniform. It is not a free dress day.

ATC’s Got Talent

Talent saturates Ambrose Treacy College. ATC’s Got Talent competition is an opportunity for boys to showcase their skills in the performing arts through a supportive competitive event. This year’s showcase features performances in music and theatre from Years 4-11. Today at big lunch, the College is invited to Nudgee Junior Hall to witness the talents of boys in the Middle and Senior school. Come to be inspired, awed and cheer on your mates!