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High Five for Term Four

A warm welcome to Term Four. My best wishes to all students, families and staff for a positive, enjoyable and busy term.

In a special way, I acknowledge our Year 12 students; we all wish them well for the weeks ahead, thank them for their leadership and example and look forward to their rites of passage experiences in the coming weeks and supporting them in their external exams.

Please see my letter to all parents and caregivers emailed this morning, for information relating to our ongoing health management and plans.

October: Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is a month dedicated to raising awareness for, promoting positive understanding of and challenging misconceptions of dyslexia. Each week during this Dyslexia Awareness month, I will share something about dyslexia with our community.

There have been numerous fascinating people in history who were or are dyslexic. It is believed that the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci was made by dyslexia. The creative originality of Pablo Picasso, the perspective of John Lennon, the determination of Winston Churchill, the vision of Walt Disney, the authenticity of Whoopi Goldberg and the story telling genius of Agatha Christie were all made by dyslexia.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, is a well known person who has embraced and celebrates his dyslexia. In this short video, he explains how a quote from Albert Einstein inspired him and the story behind Virgin Airlines:

Ambrose Treacy College has numerous students who identify as dyslexic and are on a journey of understanding their gifts, skills and challenges. Others are perhaps not yet identifying for various reasons but might one day. All of us as educators and parents are on this journey with them. We don’t always get it right and there is much to learn and ways in which to grow in our understanding, advocacy and championing of dyslexia.

At Ambrose Treacy College, we are proud of our diversity, our inclusivity and our students, staff, parents and caregivers who create our community. Our students who identify as dyslexic are an important part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes us who we are.

Staff News

Ms Amanda Schiavo, our Head of Humanities Middle School has been appointed to the EREA Xavier Flexi-Schools Network Leadership Team as their Learning Leader. We congratulate Ms Schiavo who commences in this position next week and wish her well in this new role. We thank the Xavier Network and Ms Schiavo for allowing her to remain with her Year 12 Modern History class through to their external exam. Ms Lisa Holohan, former Head of this Faculty, will oversee this area of the school for Term 4 while we make arrangements for 2022.

Mr Adam Moss, our Head of Digital Technology, has been appointed to an inaugural role as Head of eLearning at St Rita’s College commencing in 2022. We congratulate Mr Moss and thank him for his dedication to the establishment of this faculty and our thriving robotics club. He will be missed. We are presently recruiting for this role.

Prior to the break, we shared the news that Ms Lisa Holohan, Assistant Dean of Learning: Teacher Growth and Development will take extended leave in 2022. We wish her well for this time with her family. Mr John Saunders, currently Acting Drama Co-ordinator, will act in this key role for 2022. We thank and congratulate Mr Saunders and wish him well for this role.

We also welcome the following new staff and arrangements for this term:

• Mr Henry Mahoney joins the Co-curricular Team as Sport Officer
• Ms Melia McCarthy is acting in Co-curricular Administration while Mrs Lisa Mortlock is on leave
• Ms Deborah Turner joins us as Compliance Officer commencing 12 October
• Ms Michelle Reynolds joins our Music Team as ensembles coordinator & music tutor
• Ms Sophie Butler joins our Middle School as a teacher commencing 18 October
• Ms Chloe Parker joins our Middle School as a teacher commencing 11 October
• Ms Allana Dorman (Year 5 Case Manager Inclusive Practices) joins our Middle School as Acting Middle School Co-ordinator of Inclusive Practices while Ms Christina Xavier is on maternity leave
• Ms Melissa Clifton who has been acting as Year 9 Case Manager Inclusive Practices will transition to Year 5 Case Manager and continue with this group into Year 6


I ask the community to please keep the following families in your thoughts and prayers following the recent passing of loved ones.

• Jai Nipperess (Year 4 Bodkin) following the recent passing of his Grandfather
• Ashar Mahaffey (Year 10 Connacht 4) following the recent passing of his Grandfather
• Patrick Bradford (Year 7 Bodkin), Alastair Bradford (ATC 2019 Old Boy) and Richard Bradford (ATC School Officer) following the recent passing of their Grandmother and Mother-in-Law. Anne Pattie was incredibly fond of ATC and the many events she attended for her grandsons as well as the great memories of earlier days when her sons attended NJC.

We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of their passing. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

God bless.

Chris Ryan


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