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Helping Young People on a Road to a Safer Future

FACT: The biggest killer of young drivers is speeding and around 80 per cent of those killed are male.
FACT: 45 per cent of all young Australian injury deaths are due to road traffic crashes
FACT: Young drivers (17 – 25 years) represent one-quarter of all Australian road deaths
FACT: A 17 year old driver with a P1 licence is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver over 26 years

We know that young people are inclined to experiment and take risks that could impact on their own health and wellbeing and with the alarming facts above in mind we have partnered with RYDA to provide our Year 11 students a driver safety education program.

Today, student’s spoke directly with facilitators regarding road choices, crash investigations, hazards and distractions and effective stopping. Through a series of practical and powerful workshops, RYDA challenged the students to change the way they think about road safety, creating a foundation for safe road use in the future. Students experienced the relationship between speed and stopping distance through practical observation. They saw how their personality is an important aspect of the total road safety equation and had a discussion with a Police Officer on key risk areas for young drivers and passengers. They also listened to a powerful presentation by a speaker about the crash that changed his life and then analysed a real crash and its contributing factors and developed plans for decision making in risky situations. Students formed strategies to manage distractions and improve their hazard perception skills.

Statistics show that driving when fatigued and speeding are often implicated in transport accidents involving young people and more commonly, young men aged 20-24 years.

Facilitators worked with our students to develop and practice personalised strategies and life skills which will assist them to respond positively to challenges on the road, both as drivers and highly influential passengers. We are very thankful to Rotary for assisting and sponsoring ATC students in developing safer driving in our community.