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May Mr Richard Pichlmann Rest in Peace

In late 2017, Mr Michael Senior wrote to our College community following a tragic event that occurred outside the College. On the morning of November 1, the community were all shocked to be greeted with the sight and the news that a cyclist had been killed on Kate Street. At the time Mr Senior did not know the name of the cyclist. His name was Mr Richard Pichlmann. Like many stories this accident left a family without a loved husband and father, and for others, a wonderful friend. Life can be very cruel when we least expect it.

At the time, Mr Senior reported to the community that his understanding that morning was that a health event may have contributed to Mr Pichlmann’s accident and hence his death. It has since been found out that this was, in fact, incorrect. We have been advised by members of the family that Mr Richard Pichlmann’s death was caused by multiple injuries that were sustained after his bicycle lost control from hitting a trench dug across the road, resulting in a collision with an oncoming vehicle.

In tragic circumstances, a family can go through unimaginable grief and the reporting of inaccurate information certainly does not help the family as they try and make sense of this tragedy. We live in an extremely small world with a few degrees of separation. Whilst Mr Senior and I have apologised to the family for the explanation at the time, we would like to support the Pichlmann family in their ongoing journey without Richard by ensuring a more accurate account of the event is relayed to our community. May Mr Pichlmann Rest in Peace and may his family and friends be comforted by this sharing of more accurate information concerning his passing. Our deep and sincere condolences are extended to the Pichlmann family.

I ask that you continue to keep Mr Pichlmann’s family, Veronica, Grace, Max and the rest of their extended family in your thoughts and prayers.


I was delighted to join the Junior School on Friday for their Leadership Assembly. This included the ritual of receiving the ATC badge for our pillar of Learning for our Year 4 students and new boys to the College. It was a marvellous occasion where we shared more understanding about our COURAGE framework and the significance of compassion and optimism in our leadership. Congratulations and all the best to the following boys who have been appointed as Year 6 Leaders:

Greater Brisbane Conference Swimming Carnival

Exciting news came forward on Friday from our inaugural participation in the interschool Greater Brisbane Conference Swimming Carnival which saw ATC and Brigidine win the combined aggregate champions trophy, ATC win the boys aggregate trophy and us have wins in age groups as well as break some individual event records. This will be shared in more detail later in the week, but I extend my hearty congratulations to all swimmers who worked hard for this and performed to the best of their ability on the day. We are, regardless of the outcome, proud of you and pleased with your success.

Courage Week

This week, the College is facilitating a range of activities for students and staff which come to focus on the importance of personal wellbeing and mental health. This week is a tremendous reminder that our ‘mental wealth’ is as important as our ‘physical wealth’ and that the two work together in helping us to be healthy, feel good about ourselves, safe and able to participate positively in our activities and relationships.

It is important that we support boys and young men to minimise stigma around not being able to talk about mental health, look after it like we do our diet, sleep and exercise and check in with self, family and friends.

It is also great to talk with professionals in looking after our mental wealth. It is important that boys and young men know it is ok to reach out to experts and that it is normal to have challenges and doubts. We have three full time Counsellors at our College in Ms Siobhan Brophy, Mrs Jane Ellice and Mr Keith Halpin who are skilled and committed to working confidentially with our students, parents and staff in promoting and supporting good mental wealth.

One of the best things I have done as a professional and leader is to choose to work regularly with a Professional Supervisor who is a Psychologist. She and I work together at regular intervals throughout each year to reflect on my mental health, talk things through and plan strategies for self- care and how I may manage particular situations, people or projects in a healthy way for me. I thought about doing it for ages years ago and finally worked up the COURAGE to start and it has been fantastic.

I commend our Formation Team for this initiative and wish everyone well for Courage Week.

Staff News

I am pleased to announce that Mr Elliot Jackson has been appointed to the position of Acting Head of Sport for the remainder of 2020 and will commence on Monday, March 30th. Elliot has worked closely with the Co-curricular sport team as the Athletics Performance Coordinator since 2018 and will be an asset to the team. We congratulate him and wish him well. The College will review this position and re-advertise later in the year for a 2021 commencement.

Ms Georgia Appelhof, 9 Wynne Homeroom Teacher and Middle School Science teacher, has tendered her resignation at the conclusion of Term 1 to take up a position at another school. We wish Georgia every success for this opportunity and thank her for her contribution at ATC. The College is currently recruiting for this position.


As everyone is most aware, this situation continues to evolve. We will continue to act under the direction and advice of Federal and State Government authorities, Queensland Health, the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and Edmund Rice Education Australia. I will be sure to transparently communicate updates, advice and information as they come to hand. Please refer to this morning’s letters to the community – Update 6 and 7. Thank you for your support of your sons and our staff and indeed each other as we manage this quickly changing situation. I am in daily receipt of information shared from Federal and State authorities through the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and am attending their regular online meetings with Principals of Catholic schools throughout Queensland.


I ask the community to please keep the following students in your thoughts and prayers – Angus Rowan (7 Wynne) following the recent passing of his Great Grandmother, Lucas Keillor (8 Campbell) and Paul Keillor (9 Bodkin Homeroom teacher) following the recent passing of their Aunt and Sister-in-Law, Chris Kiel-Chisholm (Munster 2, Year 12) following the recent passing of his Grandfather, Alexsander Colarelli (Connacht 4, Year 10) following the recent passing of his Great-Aunt and Tom McAuley (8 Lynch) following the recent passing of his Grandfather. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

God bless

Chris Ryan