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Greatness Takes Time.

You may have heard about the ’10,000 Hour Rule’. In his book Outliers: The Story of Success (2008) Malcolm Gladwell repeatedly mentions the ’10,000-Hour Rule’ claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill, is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing the correct way, for a total of around 10,000 hours. Predictably, there have been a number of following studies and authors who have found holes in Gladwell’s argument, yet the conclusion remains, greatness takes time.

Recently, when I was reflecting on our students’ success in triathlon this season, the 10,000 hour rule came to mind. The more I thought about this, I tried to quantify the sheer amount of time that our boys put into being great. At the recent Triathlon State titles, we had the highest number of students (121 in total) in Queensland competing.

Amongst many outstanding performances, were Tim Geers (6th in QLD) and Mitchell Densley (4th in QLD) pictured above. Both of these boys will go on to represent QLD at the National Triathlon Championships in April. Tim and Mitchell, currently train up to 10 times per week across the three disciplines of Swimming, Running and Cycling, each training session being 1.5 to 2 hours on average. At 20 hours per week training for the best part of 40 weeks per year, year after year, both Mitch and Tim are well on their way to greatness. Likewise, each boy in the program are ticking off the hours, knowing that each one leads to achieving their own personal excellence. Greatness takes time.

At the recent Queensland School Canoeing and Kayaking Championships, Liam Warriner broke through to win Bronze medals in both the K2 25000m and K4 1000m events. He has recently been named in the Australian Asia Pacific Sprints Team. Liam is a great example of time and effort equating to achievement. Over the past 7 years Liam has chosen time and again to prioritise his time to train and compete, maintaining a driven focus that sees him training 8 hours per week on the water, 2 per week on the ergo, 3-4 in the gym and a couple of cross training sessions thrown in for good measure. Greatness takes time.

One of most talented musicians in our College is Phillip Gerridzen in Year 11. Phil has been playing saxophone for 8 years and this year is working for Grade 8 AMEB. For those not in the know (like me), this is the top of the pile for musicians and opens up opportunities such as studying at the Queensland Conservatorium of music, following in the footsteps of the likes of Jono Bolt, Darren Skaar, Cath Esbensen, Brijette Tubb and Michael Bannon. Like his sporting brothers mentioned above, Phil has maintained a healthy academic balance whilst giving his life to music. Phi practises for 7-8 hours per week, attends 6 hours per week of rehearsals and turns up early to every one of his hour long lessons each week. Greatness takes time.

This year we have also already had a huge number of students gain representative selection in various sports, with the following students competing, selected to compet at State Championships.

In Term 4 I look forward to sharing results from our Musicians, Vocalists and Speech and Communication in their AMEB exams. Whilst these are just a few examples of our boys efforts, there is a consistent them across College life. Those achieving know that it takes time. Like our mantra of working hard, working smart and working consistently in co-curricular, it is the cumulative effect that achieves results. For those putting in the hours, whether it be sport, music, service or learning, well done. For those falling short of their own ambitions and expectations, it might be worth considering time put in and start ticking off those hours!

ATC Interhouse Cross Country Thursday 29 March 2km event for all ages

This year for the first time we are able to run our House Championships on our new course which encompasses the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Please note that boys will run in year levels for House Championships. The ATC Cross Country Age Championships will be held on Friday 20 April at ATC beginning at 4.00pm.

Students should wear their House Shirt and ATC cap or College hat, with ATC HPE shorts and joggers which can be worn all day. As the boys will be near the gully for an extended period of time they will need to either bring their lunch to the SFX when they move up for end of term liturgy or they can bring $2 for the sausage sizzle. All proceeds contribute to the Lenten Fayre fundraising on the day. Fruit will be provided for all boys after they have raced.

Parents are encouraged to join us for a great day of running and Interhouse competition. Parents can park in the main carpark or in our Witton Street or Boundary Street parking areas. The Westcourt deck will provide the best vantage point for the start and the final section of the race. The best vantage point for the finish line for parents will be on the verandas of the Tipperary building. Boys will not be allowed in the parent/spectator viewing areas. Come along and cheer on your son!

Dave Capra
Director of Co-curricular Activities