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Get Ready for Week 5

The ATC Dads and boys came out in force this morning to provide a sumptuous ‘Mother’s Day’ breakfast for the special women in their lives. I look forward to spending the weekend with my Mum and telling her how much I love and appreciate her. I wish all families a very happy Mother’s Day.

At ATC we believe in all boys doing seeking personal excellence. NAPLAN is being held next week across Australia. As in all areas, including NAPLAN next week, we simply want every Year 5, 7 and 9 student to do their best. The tests can provide some useful data and it is another opportunity for our students to test themselves and become more comfortable with exam conditions.

Year 7 Retreat

Our retreat program continued today with the Year 7 cohort having their day learning, reflecting and engaging students through examples of Faith in Action, further preparing them for their role as Middle School students and servant leaders. The purpose of the Retreat was to provide an opportunity for the boys to reflect on the young man that they presently are, and the person that they would like to become. There were three key components to the retreat; What does it mean to be a teenager, how do our present decisions shape our future opportunities; and team building and communication. Students walked to the ATC Playing Fields at Chelmer and enjoyed a BBQ lunch.

Key dates

Monday 14 May Formal Uniform for all students
Monday 14 May Staff Meeting 3.15pm
Monday 14 May Dad’s Connect
Monday 14 May Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group Meeting
Tuesday 15 May Thursday 17 May 2018 NAPLAN – Years 5, 7, 9
Wednesday 16 May Year 10 Geography Excursion 6.20am
Wednesday 16 May Year 7 & Senior QDU Debating
Wednesday 16 May Year 4 IMCH Visit
Thursday 17 May Volunteer Thank You Evening 5pm
Friday 18 May Years 9-11 Connacht House Breakfast & Mass
Friday 18 May House Lunch Years 7 & 8 – 1pm
Tuesday 22 May Year 11 Parent Information Night 6.30pm

Winter Uniform

Students are required to wear their full formal uniform including suitcoat, tie and College badges from Monday 14 May. The winter uniform is to be worn from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day each year. The badges are viewed as part of the formal uniform. To promote the pillars of Learning, Leadership and Service the students are provided with a specific badge at the start of their Junior School, Middle School and Senior School journeys in Year 4, Year 7 and Year 9. The Junior School students receive a ‘Book’ badge, the Middle School students a ‘Cross’ badge and the Senior students, a ‘Star’ badge. The College Crest and House badge should be worn on the right lapel with the additional badges on the left lapel. These should not be worn on the College tie. See image as example.
Students can wear old suit coats that have the Crest sewn onto the pocket, as long as they are in good condition.

New Events

2018/2019 Ski Trip

Over the past 10 years we have offered our boys ski trips to Australia, New Zealand and Japan using Sno n Ski Travel Agency who specialise in school ski trips. In 2018/2019 we would like to offer students the opportunity to attend a ski trip to either Japan or Canada. To register interest for your son please complete the registration form found on the College App. Registrations close Friday 18 May 2018.
Please contact Dave Capra for further information.

Learning News


As you may be aware, all schools in Australia are required to implement the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. These tests will take place at Ambrose Treacy College between the 15 – 17 May, in morning sessions. Please refer to Kath’s Little’s latest Blog and detailed letter available on the College App outlining the Schedule and equipment required.

Study Club

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students in Years 7-11 can attend the club in Westcourt iCentre after school for Study Club. The sessions are supervised by teaching staff and provide valuable time for boys to complete homework and do assignments in a quiet space. Term 2 Study Club continues from Tuesday 8 May 3.15pm til Thursday 14 June.

Writing Tutorials

Ms Kath Little’s Writing Tutorials are held each Wednesday from 3.15 – 4.30pm through to Wednesday 13 June in Room W101 at Westcourt. Tutorials will focus on sentence variation, paragraphing, idea development and coherence. Tutorials are open to all students in Year 7 – Year 11 and boys are actively encourage to attend as many sessions as possible.

Year Level Assessment Planners

Assessment Planners for all year levels can be found on the College App as well as the documents section of SEQTA Engage. Please note the revised version for Year 9 in particular, to include a HPE exam on 13 June.

Year 10 Geography Excursion

As part of the study for Term 2 Geography – ‘Managing Environments’, all year 10 Geography students will be participating in an excursion to the Gold Coast on Wednesday 16 May to investigate environmental Management of the foredunes and coastline by the Gold Coast City Council and Griffith University. Please note the very EARLY DEPARTURE TIME of 6.20am.

Year 6 Round 2 Debating

Round 2 will be held on Tuesday 22 May at St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane. The topic for Round 2 is ‘That city life is better than country life.’ Families can park on Savio Oval (near the sports centre), enter via Stephens Road. The competition will be held in the Primary School (Hogan) Building, located in the main quadrangle of the school. Please arrive before 6.30pm. The evening concludes at 7.30pm. Please subscribe to the Debating tag on the College app for all updates and debating news. Students should meet Mr Gordon in the Mt Sion iCentre at first break on Monday 14 May for a quick meeting.

Year 5 St Helena Island Excursion

This term Year 5 students will be travelling to St Helena Island for an excursion. Due to limits and restrictions set by the excursion company, we will be dividing the cohort and going on the following days:
Thursday 31 May- 5 Bodkin, 5 Campbell, 5 Nolan
Friday 1 June- 5 Lynch, 5 Treacy
Students are to arrive at school at 7.45am wearing their sports uniform, school broad brimmed hat and apply sunscreen. ATC Tracksuit top may also be required. Students are required to bring packed lunch (there are no canteen facilities available), 2 filled water bottles, small back pack and any necessary medications, sunscreen and roll-on insect repellent. Please hand all medication to the class teacher on the morning before departure time. Please refer to the College App for more details

Formation News

BBQ Breakfasts

Senior School students are providing BBQ breakfasts each Thursday morning at 7.30am for Years 9-11 boys. Please bring $2 to purchase a sausage before Homeroom on Thursday 16 and 23 May outside SFXC.

Year 5 Retreat

The Year 5 Retreat will be held on Wednesday 23 May at Rocks Riverside Park. Students should wear their sports uniform and bring a Pen/pencil, Clipboard (to lean on), Hat, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, Morning Tea (A sausage sizzle will be provided for lunch). The boys will commence the day with normal roll marking in home classes before the whole cohort travels on buses to Rocks Riverside Park. The boys will work through a series of rotations on the day in their class groups. Buses will return to ATC at approximately 2:30pm and the boys will work until 3pm in their classrooms. If you have any questions about the Year 5 Retreat please do not hesitate to contact either Brett Cashmere or Mr Matt Warr.

Connacht House Breakfast & Mass

All Connacht Years 9, 10 and 11 parents and caregivers are invited to join us to celebrate our House breakfast and Mass on Friday 18 May. Boys are to wear their suitcoat and tie.
Click here to RSVP for catering purposes by Sunday 13 May.

House Lunch Years 7 & 8

The Year 7 and 8 students will engage in the House Lunch and directed House activities on Friday 18 May at second break. With the introduction and growth of the four House identities within the College, we are hoping to grow the engagement within the Middle School. Students will have lunch provided on Friday with gluten free options available. The Year 11 House Leaders will lead the procession towards the Xavier Centre for the House activities.

The P&F are calling for volunteers to help with preparing and serving lunch to the boys. There are various shifts available between 10.30am-1.30pm. If you can spare an hour to help out, please follow the link below and choose your poison- BBQ, Cleaning or Serving!
Click here to volunteer.

Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Parents and Year 11 students are invited to attend a Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 22 May at 6.30pm in the Chapel regarding upcoming important events for the Year 11 cohort. Please refer to the College App for more details.

Year 6 Mass

We would like to warmly invite Year 6 parents and caregivers to attend our Year 6 Mass on Friday 25 May 2018 at 9.15am in The Chapel of St Joseph. The Chapel of St Joseph is located at the College, Level 2 of the Edmund Rice Building (above the Year 7 Wynne classroom). We invite parents to sit with their sons during the celebration. Year 6 students are expected to wear their full formal uniform to the mass. There will be a shared Morning Tea for parents afterwards. If all attending parents could please bring a plate, a wonderful sense of community can be established. Could you please take this plate to the canteen attached to the NJC Hall before the service. Students will begin the day with the normal whole school assembly and then roll call. Following the Mass, the boys will continue with normal classes for the remainder of the day.

Red Shield Appeal

This year we will take part in the Door Knock for the Red Shield Appeal on Sunday 27 May. Your son should wear his formal ATC uniform (suitcoat and tie), sunscreen, wide-bream college hat and a water bottle. We need teams of volunteers to collect on the morning of, requiring between 2-3 hours of commitment from your son. We require parental assistance as well in accompanying the boys, driving them to their designated area and returning them to the college upon completion. To register please click here to complete the convenient online registration form.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Paul Towner, Head of Munster House.

Leinster House Breakfast & Mass

Leinster Giants are invited to join Sam Brown, Head of Leinster House, at the inaugural House Breakfast & Mass on Friday 1 June from 7.30am. We ask that parents and caregivers, please click here to register your attendance for catering purposes.

Parents News

Grease the Musical Boys’ Cultural Day Out

Join the ATC Community for the Cultural Boys Day Out. This event is for the whole family. Very limited seats available, so be quick! Last years Cultural event sold out and there were many disappointed families. We only have a certain allocation of tickets and we cannot secure more. BOOK NOW. Boondall Entertainment Centre on Saturday 14 July 7.30pm (note, last weekend in the holidays, event starts at 7.30pm) Cost: $75 per ticket. Enjoy a night out listening to all the hit songs from the popular movie, Grease. The production includes over 500 performers. RSVP is strictly by Sunday 25 May.
Click here to book tickets.
Click here to email Andrea McAvoy with any questions.

Memory Walk Sunday 3 June

All ATC Families are invited to join in the Year 6 Cohort in their upcoming service initiative The Dementia Australia Memory Walk on Sunday 3 June at Rocks Riverside Park in Seventeen Mile Rocks. Family Registration is $80.00. (Other registration prices also available.) Race welcome starts at 8:10am with 10Km, 5Km and 2.5Km races with staggered starts from 8:45am.Please refer to the College App for further details.
Click here to register for the Year 6 Memory walk.

Tuckshop volunteers

We need help in the Junior Tuckshop on Friday 11th May and help in the Junior tuckshop for the breakfast shift EVERY TUESDAY. You could consider dropping your son for sport training or music rehearsals and stay for a while to help out. We look forward to seeing our volunteers at the ‘Thank You’ Evening on Thursday.

Mums’ Connect

The Mums’ Connect sessions run by Powerhouse Programs will be held over four evenings and cover similar topics and exercises as the Dads’ Connect program. Couples can benefit from a consistent approach to parenting and discuss themes and strategies at the coal face! The sessions operate in Term 2 on Monday Nights from Weeks 6-9 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm in the Chapel on these dates: 21 May, 28 May, 4 June and 11 June.
Click here to RSVP and register your attendance.

Celebrating Mothers' Day early, at the ATC Breakfast.

To all our mothers, enjoy your special day on Sunday.

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal

Enjoy this week’s video roundup of all the ATC action! Remember to use the ATC 2018 Vimeo password to access the movie. If you have forgotten the password please email ATCommunications.