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Get Gritty

Last Tuesday morning the Senior students were lucky enough to listen to experienced rugby union coach and former teacher Tony McGahan. Tony has had a decorated coaching career and is also an experienced teacher. Tony presented on many important topics relevant to young men including building a team culture and how your academic performance can shape your future. He outlined that GRIT was one of the most important qualities that contributes to success.

Grit is passion and perseverance toward a long-term goal. It’s determination to continue working despite what obstacles you face along the way.

Evidence suggests that your ability to do well in life depends on much more than your ability; it depends on GRIT. In Amanda Lee Duckworth’s TEDTALK below, she explains her theory of ‘grit’ as a predictor of success and expands on the theory of a growth mindset.

As a student, parent or teacher there are a some important strategies that we can adopt to foster grit:

Encourage a Growth Mindset

Individuals with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and talents can be developed through effort and hard work. They understand that failing is a normal part of learning and know that challenges will help them grow.

Ongoing Revision and Reflection

Individuals who exhibit grit see learning as a journey. They make time to reflect on the challenges they have faced and welcome feedback to improve.

Celebrate Success

When we persevere, we need to celebrate the success. We often don’t take time to celebrate the challenging work we have completed.

Although grit is not the only predictor of individual success in both personal and professional contexts, it is certainly one characteristic that should not be overlooked.

Leading into the exam period, how can you demonstrate passion and perseverance to achieve your academic targets?

Dallas Moffat
Head of Year 8