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Gate to Gate Run

On Tuesday 16 October, the inaugural ‘Gate to Gate Run’ will be held on a course going from the old Nudgee Junior gates to the new Waterford gates on Kate Street.

This event will involve every student in the College, either as a runner for their year level, house team or as a member of the crowd who will form a tunnel for the runners to race from Twigg Street to the Waterford roundabout, Senior School.

Like the UQ Cloisters Race or the Chariots of Fire, this event is raced through the school grounds and is a real sign of the coming of age for the College. At ATC students begin their College life at the ‘bottom of the hill’ in Year 4 where the old Nudgee Junior gates once stood and finish at the top of the hill on Kate Street in Year 12. Some join us halfway up the hill and occasionally some leave us before they reach the crest near Waterford. As our Senior students stand on the knoll they will look back and reflect on a great journey as they complete their school years. As a nod to our 80 years, students who finish the event in under 80 seconds will get additional bonus points for their House. The race will take on two parts, the first will be 5-10 runners per house, per year level racing to gain points for their house. With events starting every 80 seconds, it will be a fast and furious event! The second part of the event will be a handicapped Gate to Gate race with the 8 winners from each year level. A trophy will be awarded to the Gate to Gate Champion and one House will be named Gate to Gate Champions!

Drama Incursion

As part of this year’s Arts Week celebrations, all Junior School students will participate in an introductory Drama workshop. Facilitated by ATC’s specialist drama teachers, these sessions will be full of practical and creative activities to give boys a taste of Middle School Drama. Students will be exposed to some of the techniques and practices of Drama and will use their creativity, imagination and team work to create original products and participate in group games. Through this activity students will develop an understanding of some of the complexity and scope of Drama while having fun!

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform, House shirt and running shoes.